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Chihuahua Gallery

Chihuahuas in Pretty Dresses

I was trying to think of what kind of Gallery Post I could do in honor of Easter. Since so many little girls have pretty Easter dresses, I figured what would be cuter than doing a post with our little Chihuahua girls in their prettiest dresses! As usual, I will share whatever details I know …

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Sleeping Chihuahuas

I love watching Chihuahuas sleep. Specially my Chihuahua. But all Chi’s are fun to watch. They look like little angels when they are sleeping, don’t they? Join me in looking at some adorable sleeping Chihuahuas. As usual, when I know who the pet parent is and/or the dog’s name, I’ll include it under the photo. …

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Lola P. Lugo the Chihuahua pup

Chihuahua Puppy Gallery

I’m pretty sure this post will be a favorite of many because we all adore puppies, don’t we?  They can be a lot of trouble and work when they are so young but they can also be a lot of fun and they sure are cute! As always, I will share any information that I …

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Black Chihuahuas

Did you know that black dogs in general are discriminated against? They are more often found in shelters than any other colored dog and are the least likely to be adopted. Why I don’t know. I think black is beautiful! In fact two of my dogs are black, including my Chihuahua Kilo. Below you will …

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