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Senior Chihuahuas

If you have an elderly chihuahua, this page will give you the information on how to keep your senior chi healthy, safe and happy. Included are senior chihuahua care tips, health concerns to be aware of and how to make your chihuahua more comfortable in their twilight years. Just click on any of the posts below …

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Adult Chihuahuas

This is the first page for Adult Chihuahuas. The other pages is here: Adult Chihuahuas-page 2 Be sure to leave a comment below  if you have a suggestion for an article that isn’t listed below. [pt_view id=”eedff22na0″] Click to go to page 2>>>>  

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Chihuahua Puppies

Are you thinking of getting a chihuahua puppy? Or maybe you have one already. Chihuahua puppies are different than other breeds and need a little more care and training, The articles listed below will help you to raise a well trained puppy who is happy and healthy too. If you have a question or an …

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