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Chihuahua of the Week ending 4-18-15

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It’s time again for some awesome photos of some really cute Chihuahuas! So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the adorableness!

Loko the ChihuahuaFirst we have this little sun-bathing beauty. Her name is Loko and her mom is Destani. They live in Alabama.


Willow the ChihuahuaThis beautiful girl is named Willow and she belongs to Mendy Trice Johnson‎.


Bella the ChihuahuaBella is a beautiful little Chihuahua and belongs to Brian Ayers.


Macho the ChihuahuaI love Macho’s eyes, don’t you? He belongs to Deborah Jose.


Jax the Chihuahua puppyWhat a gorgeous Chihuahua puppy! This is Jax and he belongs to Brian Porter‎ and his wife.


Michelle RossnerI love Savannah’s pretty blue dress! Her mommy Michelle Rossner says she is just the sweetest dog ever!


Sophie the ChihuahuaIn this photo, Sophie had just come back from the vet after getting her shots. She looks like a sweetie pie! She belongs to Miranda Wood‎.


Ziggy and Paris the ChihuahuasZiggy is the Chihuahua on the left. He’s 9 1/2. Paris is on the right and she is a year and a half. They belong to Sherry Grassick Lemos‎.


Bella the ChihuahuaBella is showing off her toy at Christmas in this picture. Adorable! She belongs to Christine Warner.


Choncho Miguel the ChihuahuaChoncho Miguel is one of 5 fur babies of Mary Vasquez‎. He’s such a cutie!


Panchito the ChihuahuaThis handsome lad is Panchito. He belongs to Cristina Torres‎.


Celty the ChihuahuaCelty was a belated Christmas gift her mom Marie Upchurch got for herself after Christmas. She has helped Marie deal with her depression and anxiety.


Little Man the ChihuahuaLittle Man the Chihuahua is a happy energetic boy who loves getting presents from his mommie and maw maw. His photo was submitted by Gabby Parker


Chica the Chihuahua

This cutie is Chica and she belongs to Edna Jensen-Stanek‎.


Pepper the ChihuahuaThis pretty girl in the pretty pink dress is Pepper. She belongs to Angel Lin‎.


Katie the ChihuahuaThis is Katie after her bath. Her mom says she doesn’t like baths. Not many dogs do. Her dad is Nate Runnels‎.


Lola and Sobe the ChisLittle Lola is on top of this napping pair. She’s 6 months old. Her companion is Sobe who is 13 years old. Kristie Dell‎ is their mom.


Apple the ChihuahuaThis adorable little Chi is Apple who belongs to Crow Rowan Whitsitt‎.


 Ally the ChihuahuaLittle Ally belongs to Lawanda Vermillion Walker.


Nemo the ChihuahuaNemo sure has no modesty does he? I have been told that he gets like this after he eats and then he falls asleep on his mommy. He belongs to Muugii Artis‎.


Tallulah Barkhead‎ the ChihuahuaThis photo was submitted by Tallulah Barkhead‎  who is the Chi herself in this photo. Don’t you just love the Spring background with the ducks and all?


Penny the ChihuahuaIsn’t this just an adorable photo of Penny? Her mommy is Jayne Hayward‎.


Teca Bella the ChihuahuaTeca Bella is taking a snooze here. Her mommy is Katrina Noelle‎.


Tank the Chihuahua Mary Snedeker Ullom Dawson‎ says of her little guy Tank: “This is how my chi and I spend just about every after dad and his 2 shih tzu sisters go to bed. He loves to cuddle in his blanket on my lap.


Bambi the ChihuahuaThis is Bambi and her mom, Renee Wilson says she is the most lovable dog she has ever known.


Tco the ChihuahuaThis is Tco (not sure if that was a typo and should be Taco) and his mom is Delores Henderson‎. He just had a birthday in March.


Oliver the ChihuahuaThis is Oliver (doesn’t he just look like an Oliver?) and he belongs to Kelly Averitt‎.


Mija the ChihuahuaMija (pronounced Meha) is simply adorable! She belongs to June Nicholson‎.


Shelley Wright‎'s ChihuahuaThis little Chi boy’s name is Neeko and he belongs to Shelley Wright‎.


Baby Theo and friendLast but not least we have Baby Theo in the front here. I don’t know who the Chihuahua is behind him. They belong to Josh and Victoria Crouch‎.


That’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed the Chihuahua show!


Wednesday 18th of April 2018

How do u enter photo contest? This is Zoe with first puppochino, best thing she ever tasted, saw whites of her eyes for the first time


Sunday 22nd of April 2018

Here's your chi of the day post:


Wednesday 18th of April 2018

That is an adorable photo of Zoe Maria.

I haven't been doing these chi of the week posts for awhile but I'm thinking about starting them back up so I'll be sure to add this photo yo yhe list.

In the meantime, I added it to our chi of the day on facebook and it will fo up on Sunday. I'll come back here and add the link after it goes live.

Eileen White..

Sunday 26th of April 2015

Thank you, I love this site. I have just seen pictured some of the most beautiful Chi babies ever. Of course as a proud owner...I think my own girls are also lovely. (along with my 3 Whippets) Thank you also for sharing wonderful information about the Chi' first experience with them...and need the assistance......LOVE LOVE the breed !!!!!


Sunday 26th of April 2015

You are very welcome Eileen!


Saturday 25th of April 2015

Thanks BDG!


Saturday 25th of April 2015

Great compilation as always Cathy!


Sunday 19th of April 2015

Yay I'm so glad my little princess made it! (:


Sunday 19th of April 2015

Yes she did Destani and the first one too!