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Birth of a Dog Centered Company

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chihuahua chrome animals

“So, how did you two meet”? Immediately, my husband and I exchange sideways glances. Even after 7.5 years of marriage and internet dating being more mainstream now then ever, we still feel there maybe some backlash from the words, “We met on”.

Sometimes we get the occasional “Oh, that’s nice” or “Well my wife and I met the old-fashioned way”. Every now and then you hear “I tried internet dating once, but I found I only met crazy people”. More often than not, we hear good stories. People telling us about a family member , co-worker or friend who met their significant other the same way.

However, regardless of the stories or eye rolls we get in response there is one thing that is always asked next….”So, tell me. What was it about Winston that made you date him”. And that answer is the easiest thing in the world……his dog.

Fast forward to today and we are still going strong and run our automotive business together. Winston’s dog was the reason I agreed to go on a date with him in the beginning. I had been obsessed with King Charles Spaniels since I was a kid, having ear-marked the page of my parents dog breed book as my “wish list” companion.

All it took was one picture from Winston to show me what his dog looked like and I was in love, with the dog of course. It took a little while longer for Winston.
Our company is automotive emblems and the love we had for our little rescue is what eventually lead us to

My background was always in animal sciences and veterinary medicine. Winston’s background was always in business. I wanted to combine my love of animals into a product that could help rescues earn money through fundraising and what better way than something we already knew a lot about, car emblems. We knew there were already car decals, but we wanted to create something new, classy and more like artwork than a generic white die-cut.

So this is what ChromAnimals is now. We have our 20 different dog breeds and we are designing more. We would like to add a line for various mix breeds as well as specific rescues. Perhaps we will even launch into some customization in the future as well.

Our product was born from the love of our dog. We hope that it is reflected in the quality and design of our medallions. They are different, unique and one-of-a-kind palm sized works of art that can display the love you have for your dog anywhere.

We want to see our ChromAnimals on every car, truck, van or RV that has a beloved dog inside! The emblems come with both magnetic and adhesive backing and can be used anywhere. Not only have we seen them on cars, motorcycles and campers, but also cubicles, lockers, and laptops! They really are the perfect way to show your love for your dog!

Ashley Jordanmy-chromanimal

NOTE FROM CATHY: Ashley sent me a Chihuahua ChromAnimal and I have it on my fridge (sorry for the blurry photo, it’s pretty shiny so this was the best photo I could get of mine). I LOVE it and have been debating on switching it to my car instead so more people can see it. What a great way to show your love for your chihuahua! Do check them out here: