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Chi of the Week ending 5-16-15

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It’s time for my picks of Chihuahuas of the Week! I have included whatever details I know about these precious pups and their moms and dads.

Hercules the ChihuahuaSay hello to Hercules. He belongs to Jimmie Stumpf‎.


 Lexie and Lola the ChihuahuasThese two little girl Chihuahuas are Lexie and Lola and their pet parents are Joshua and Jennifer Hubbard.


Dobby and Buddy the ChihuahuasThese two cuties are brothers Dobby and Buddy. Dobby has the chew toy in his mouth and Buddy is waiting for him to drop it. These two Chihuahuas belong to Paula Foote‎.


Scrappy the ChihuahuaThis is Scrappy and his mommy is Rhonda Berry.


Ella the ChihuahuaThis adorable little Chi girl is named Ella. She is loved by April L. Hartness‎.


Rooney the ChihuahuaRooney is such a handsome lad. He belongs to Danny Lough.


Tink Tink the ChihuahuaTink Tink is a 4 pound Chihuahua who belongs to Gabby Spencer.


Chloe the ChihuahuaThis is Chloe sunning herself on her lounger. She belongs to Diana Williams.


Princess the ChihuahuaThis is Princess taking a little snooze. She is 1 year and 8 months old here. Jo Cua is her mom.


Chihuahua on clean laundryI don’t know this little guy’s name but his mom Desiree Mortimore says he likes laying on clean laundry.


Jesus Mireles‎Angel Baby does look like an angel. Jesus Mireles‎ is the pet parent.


Tigger the ChihuahuaThis is Tigger. Tigger was a stud dog for a back yard breeder until his mommy Cathy Bettan rescued him.


Nanny the ChihuahuaI love Nanny’s eyes. She belongs to Imelda Lopez-Guerrero‎.


Sweet Dee the ChihuahuaSweet Dee  with her toys. She belongs to Kerry Witbrod‎.


Tinkerbell the ChihuahuaWhat a cutie Tinkerbell is! She is 4 years old and belongs to Tony Richards‎.


Miss Daisy the ChihuahuaMiss Daisy sittinh n her bed. She belongs to Theresa Krontz‎.


Cookie Monster the ChihuahuaCookie Monster is a real love bug who loves to give people kisses. He belongs to Brooke Defoe‎.


Rallaito the ChihuahuaThis little guy is Rallaito and he belongs to Rosa Castillo-Meza‎.


Paco Niño the ChihuahuaPaco Niño is 4 years old and he belongs to Connie Limbach Secrest-Street‎.


Bella the ChihuahuaThis is Bella and she belongs to Angie Jordan‎.


Rico the ChihuahuaI love Rico’s colorful hat! He belongs to Renea Phillips Grizzell‎.


Bibi the ChihuahuaThis is Bibi sleeping in her daddy’s arm. She belongs to Αντριάνα Κόντε-Μίχαλου.


Rudy the ChihuahuaCan you imagine anyone would abandon this sweet little guy? Rudy was abandoned in the desert. He has a great life now though. He has a family who loves him and has made doggy friends outside. He is 3 years old and his mom Yazmin Anaya‎ says they have had him for 3 months.


Apple the ChihuahuaIsn’t Apple adorable in her pretty little dress? She belongs to Crow Rowan Whitsitt.


Bella the ChihuahuaWe have another Bella here. Such a cutie! She belongs to Sandra Rich‎.


Cookie the ChihuahuaCookie turned 10 on April 7th. She looks great for her age! Nicole Lamanna is the pet parent.


Freddy the ChihuahuaSamantha Culbertson‎ says her Freddy sure knows how to relax! Yes he does.


Maverick the ChihuahuaMaverick the Chihuahua has had an important job. He has helped his mom Adrian Good‎ deal with cancer. He’s just over a year old.


Champie the ChihuahuaChampie is enjoying a nice day outside. He belongs to Chiquis Hernandez‎.


Bindi the ChihuahuaBindi is a senior gal of 10 years old. She is 1.6 kg (which is 3 and a half pounds) and belongs to Tracey Honour Randall‎.

Okay, that’s it for this week. Which dog is your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know!




Ginny Wooley

Tuesday 19th of May 2015

I love all of them! You can never have enough Chihuahuas!


Tuesday 19th of May 2015

Amen Ginny!