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Chihuahua of the Week Ending 5-2-15

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Are ready for some simply adorable Chihuahua eye candy? Check out my picks for Chi of the Week below.  I will supply whatever information I know about these dogs and their pet parents.
Inca the Chihuahua

Margaret Chisholm says this is her gorgeous Inca. I agree! Inca is gorgeous!


Zachery T Brudder the Chihuahua

This handsome lad is Zachery T Brudder the Chihuahua and he belongs to DM Shively‎.


Baby Bella the Chihuahua

Baby Bella is such a pretty Chihuahua. She’s on the way to go shopping with Mommy in this photo. Her mom is Jennifer Samuel McCabe‎.


Lizy the ChihuahuaSweet little Lizy here passed away when she was young but her mom Krisztina Vámosi‎ says she is still in her heart. RIP little girl!


Chi-Chi the Chihuahua Martina Elizabeth is sharing her beautiful little black Chihuahua. Love her!


Chihuahua with flowersWe have another Chi-Chi here. Don’t you love all the colorful flowers around her? She belongs to Estelle Jung‎.


Mickey the ChihuahuaSay hello to Mickey here. He belongs to Sheryl Kinch.


Alfalfa the ChihuahuaAlfalfa also belongs to Sheryl Kinch. Love his little shirt.


Lili and Kiki the ChihuahuasThese pretty little Chihuahuas are Lili, who is the white one and Kiki. They are loved by Marie Rausku‎.


Hootie the ChihuahuaLook at that sweet face! This is Hootie and she belongs to Brittany Paige Harris‎.


Little One the ChihuahuaThis is Angelita but her nickname is Little One. Her mom is Deborah Horvath-Bostrom.


Foxy Lady and CleoThese elderly little ladies are Foxy Lady and Cleo. They belong to Debra Clark.


Ash the ChihuahuaLove Ash’s little tongue, don’t you? he belongs to Fiona Sarnie Parker‎.


Bourbon the ChihuahuaBourbon is 9 years old and his mommy is Valerie Lartigue‎.


Lola the ChihuahuaLola’s mom says she doesn’t like her pajamas but she sure looks pretty relaxed in this photo. Bonnie DuBay Sitton is the pet mommy.

Izabella the ChihuahuaThis is Izabella. Don’t you just love the heart on her forehead? She is loved by Teresa Huolihan.


Chihuahua and Chi puppyI don’t know the names of these Chihuahuas but they belong to Crystal Lynn Markiewicz. They are so sweet!


Princess the ChihuahuaThis is Princess giving us the stink eye. Love the coat she’s wearing and that colorful blanket she’s laying on. Her mom is Cyndi Schmidt‎.


Rylee the ChihuahuaWhat a sweet little kissable face! This is Rylee and she belongs to Kimberly Shaner Tabrosky.


white ChihuahuaI don’t know what this Chihuahua’s name is but he (or she) belongs to Amanda Akins Jenkins.


Ulysse the ChihuahuaHow cute is Ulysse? I think he knows he’s cute too! He belongs to Laura Weissmüller.


Frankie the ChihuahuaFrankie is one relaxed dog! His mom is Danielle Stroud‎.


Mimi the ChihuahuaThree pound Mimi is a wee little lass. Pretty girl! Her mommy is Patty Fritz Parkins.


Lynn Kamp Knight‎Angel is enjoying the sunshine in the photo. She belongs to Lynn Kamp Knight‎.


Lokie the ChihuahuaWonder what Lokie is thinking about here? He looks so pensive. His mom is Claudette Connor‎.


Emma the ChihuahuaLittle Emma looks so adorable sleeping, doesn’t she? She belongs to Sonja Schröder.


Sugar the ChihuahuaRobin Ivey says that even though Sugar is 11 years old, she still likes to play like a puppy.


EL Hombre the ChihuahuaEL Hombre is also 11 years old. He’s quite handsome isn’t he? He belongs to Heidi Zoe‎.


sleeping dogsThis “crw” belongs to Mary Anne Moore Rocque‎. She says about them: “left is Hope our baby. In the middle is Tink our prissy one and last is Belle. (She is Hope’s mommy and sister to Tink. On top is Faith our adopted big baby that thinks she is a chi as well. We love em all!!!


ChihuahuaLittle Miss Attitude (not sure if that’s her real name but that’s what her mom called her) is our last Chi in this gallery. She is loved by Simone Craddock‎.

That’s it for this week. Do you have a favorite among these cute pups? If so share it with us in the comments below!



Sandy and Maddie

Sunday 10th of May 2015

Happy Mother's day Cathy... I have 2 kids , 5 grandkids and 4 great grandkids... and of course the love of my life Maddie. thanks for the news letters ..... enjoy your day !!!!


Sunday 10th of May 2015

Thanks Sandy and hope you have a great Mothers Day too!

Ginny Wooley

Monday 4th of May 2015

I wish I could have all of them!


Monday 4th of May 2015

Me too Ginny!