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Chihuahua of the Week Ending 5-9-15

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Are you ready to see some adorable Chihuahuas? It’s time for my picks of Chihuahuas of the Week!
Bit Bit the Chihuahua

First we have Bit Bit being adorable. Kimberly Damewood is the pet parent.


Boogie the ChihuahuaThis funny little guy is Boogie. His mom Pam Christensen‎ says he was a rescue dog and now he helps his daddy has a reason to live after heart surgery! Good job Boogie!


Pinay and Little PrincessThis is Pinay Kulitz‎ and her Little Princess taking a little nap.


Lou the ChiahuahuaThis sweet little Chihuahua is named Lou. He belongs to Juliette Harriman‎.


Donut the ChihuahuaDonut is an elderly little lady who accidentally got her foot caught in the door and got an “owie”. Her mommy is Julia Levinson‎.


Osi the ChihuahuaOsi lives in Guatemala and belongs to Mafer Leiva Espina‎.


Oliver the ChihuahuaLittle Oliver was a stray living on the streets until his mommy Kelly Averitt‎ found him and adopted him. Now he’s living the good life in Arizona.


Peanut the ChihuahuaDon’t you just love this little face? This is Peanut. Tammy Roberts Tighe is the pet parent.



Minnie the ChihuahuaThis sleeping beauty is Minnie and her mom is Jessica Waldridge.


Katie the ChihuahuaKatie was telling everyone it was bedtime in this photo. Her dad is Nate Runnels‎.


Chico the ChihuahuaChico has beat the odds. He was born with water on the brain and was only supposed to live a few weeks. That was 3 years ago. His dad is Tony Bell.


Hopper the ChihuahuaThis handsome Chihuahua is named Hopper and belongs to Sarah Gold.


Skid the ChihuahuaThis is Skid also known as Boo Bear. He is 3 years old. His mommy Annie Woods DuVall‎ saved him from being euthanized.


Mia the ChihuahuaThis beautiful Chi girl is Mia. She is loved by Amber Cole.


Buddy and Tinkerbell the ChihuahuasI love this photo. This is Buddy (on the left) and Tinkerbell. Buddy is 2 and Tinkerbell is 5. Their mommy is Kimberly DeDonder Scheets‎.




Tobi the ChihuahuaSay hello to Tobi. He belongs to Eduardo Garcia.


Cocoa the ChihuahuaCute little Cocoa loves chewing on his squeaky toys, his brother Bullet and sleeping. He is loved by Sara Torres‎.


Toby the ChihuahuaToby is Lucy Villegas’ “nephew”.  He’s adorable isn’t he?



ChiChi the ChihuahuaChiChi is such a cutie pie! Tracy Wong is the pet parent.


Freddie the ChihuahuaThis little guy is Freddie. He belongs to Kimberly Marsh.


Desi the ChihuahuaLittle Desi is the granddog of Kathleen Higuera‎. He’s a cutie isn’t he?


Maple the ChihuahuaSweet little Maple looks adorable when she’s asleep doesn’t she? She belongs to Melissa Luna Hernandez‎.


Rusty the ChihuahuaThis is a great picture of Rusty isn’t it? Fabiola Garcia‎ is his mommy.


Mowat the ChihuahuaMowat is a gorgeous Chihuahua and belongs to Lorimar Sanabria Ortiz‎.


Brown Man the ChihuahuaThis is Brown Man. Cute name for a cute dog. He belongs to Judy Sullivan‎.


Latte the ChihuahuaSay hello to Latte. Latte belongs to Tom Wecas‎.


Milo the ChihuahuaMilo turned 1 in April. He is loved by Carla Graham‎.


Radar the ChihuahuaRadar is 2 years old and his daddy Andrew Berardi‎ says he is spoiled rotten but also a bundle of joy.


Kris the ChihuahuaThis handsome boy is Kris. He belongs to Kemi Patricia Hart‎.


Daizy the ChihuahuaThis silly girl is Daizy. Tamara Mendez‎ is her mommy.


That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed all this Chi adorableness. Which one was your favorite?



Saturday 16th of May 2015

I'm glad Sandy!


Saturday 16th of May 2015

love all the pictures , especially the rescues....... God bless them !

Izzy Marie's mommy (Sue)

Saturday 16th of May 2015

They are all adorable. Such sweetness on one page...


Saturday 16th of May 2015

Thanks for visiting Sue!