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Chihuahua of the Week ending 6-6-15

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Time to check out my picks for Chi of the Week! Check out all these Chi cuties! I’ll share below each photo whatever info I have about the Chihuahuas and their humans.

Chipom the ChihuahuaChipom the Chihuahua puppy has such a sweet little face. His belongs to Jaymie Perry.


Rosco P Coltrane the ChihuahuaThis handsome guy is named Rosco P Coltrane the Chihuahua. Angie Morris-Sellers is the mother.


Little Boy Blue the ChihuahuaWhat a cute young man! This is Little Boy Blue and he belongs to Bernadette Thompson‎.


Hazel the ChihuahuaDoesn’t Hazel look snazzy in her sweater? She’s 16 months old and belongs to Natalie Whisker.


ChihuahuaThis little lady is ready to go shopping…or the beach. Larry Johnson is her daddy.


Rita the ChihuahuaDon’t you love Rita’s coloring? She belongs to Gina Gray‎.


Java iknuk the ChihuahuaJava iknuk is one white Chihuahua, isn’t she? She’s beautiful! Pinay Kulitz is her mom.


Guadalupe the ChihuahuaGuadalupe the Chihuahua is enjoying the sun. She lives in Miami and belongs to Mafe Cortes Tamayo.


Zoey the Chihuahua and Danny the birdThis is Zoey and her bird friend Danny. They are loved by Sherrie Hulse Wehner.


Chloe the ChihuahuaWhat a sweet little baby! This is Chloe and she belongs to Jocelyn Iglesias.


Pepper the ChihuahuaThis is Pepper and she belongs to Savannah Sky Street‎.


Alfie the ChihuahuaWhat a good looking Chi Alfie is! He belongs to Christine George‎.


Cookie the ChihuahuaHere is Cookie doing her cute little head tilt the way dogs sometimes do. She belongs to Parris Wileman‎.


Dora the Chihuahua‎Dora looks simply gorgeous, doesn’t she? Norman and Jordahn Worden‎ are the parents.


ChihuahuasWhat a lovely Chihuahua family.  This is Junior, Droopy, Mama Page , Rat, Daddy Lucky and Banditt. They belong to Jenny Felias Forbes‎.


Brutus and Bailey the ChihuahuasThis is Brutus and Bailey on their first car ride. Chauntielle Walter Battaglia‎ is their mommy.


Sophia the ChihuahuaBeautiful Sophia is 17 months old. She belongs to Laurie Cohen‎.


Snoopy the ChihuahuaThis is Snoopy showing off his cute shirt. Kimberly A Norwood is his momma.


Carrie Buckland Thomason the ChihuahuaSwazey recently turned 2 years old in April. Carrie Buckland Thomason‎ is the momma.


Holli the ChihuahuaThis is Holli showing off her Easter outfit. She’s from Long Island and belongs to Luz Lopez‎.


ChiChi the ChihuahuaThis is ChiChi and Patrick Coyne is the daddy.


Jaspar the ChihuahuaSay hello to Jaspar who is loved by Cindy Vena.


Priya the ChihuahuaPretty Priya  was 8 months old in this photo. She has some Papillion in her along with Chihuahua. Her mommy is Thersea Compton‎.


Gizmo the ChihuahuaThis is Gizmo answering the call of the wild here. he is 9 years old and belongs to Christina Wagner Cox‎.


Minnie the ChihuahuaMinnie the Chihuahua puppy is a cutie pie. She belongs to Missy Adams‎.


ChihuahuaI don’t know who this sweet baby is or even if it’s a boy or a girl. Clare Louise Wood‎ is the pet parent.


ChihuahuaClare Louise Wood‎ is also the pet parent of this gorgeous Chi too.


Toby the Chihuahua‎Toby is so handsome! He belongs to Candace Thomas Corkery‎.


Pitbull and ChihuahuaThey say opposites attract… I don’t know the names of these two pups but the pet parent is Allie Derbique.


Max the ChihuahuaThis cutie pie is named Max. He is loved by Sandra Murray Feazel‎.


Lulu Beast the ChihuahuaThis is Lulu Beast. She’s a cute little beast. She belongs to Jess Merly‎.


Ok that’s it for this week. Did these cute little guys make you smile? I sure hope so! Which one is your favorite?




Daniella Messina

Sunday 20th of March 2016

My little tongue hanging out


Sunday 20th of March 2016

So cute!

Daniella Messina

Sunday 20th of March 2016

My blue eyed girl


Sunday 20th of March 2016


Carolyn Smith

Tuesday 8th of March 2016

My chi is going bline. Want to know thing l can do for her. Her name is chi chi.


Tuesday 8th of March 2016

Do you know what's causing it Carolyn? If it's cataracts, it can be easily corrected with minor surgery. If it's something that can't be fixed, your dog can learn to live with it. I wrote an article about this here:


Tuesday 9th of June 2015

You are very welcome Shirley!

Shirley gunstrom

Tuesday 9th of June 2015

Thank you for providing this page so that those of us who share our lives with these amazing chihuahuas can meet.