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Chihuahua of the Week Ending 5-23-15

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Time again for my picks for Chihuahuas of the Week! Check out all the adorable eye candy below and as usual, I include whatever information I know about the dogs and their pet parents.
1 month old Chihuahua puppyOh my! Isn’t this little pup adorable? He’s just one month old and belongs to Arely León Fonseca‎.


Russell the ChihuahuaThis striking little man is named Russell and he belongs to Sarah Michelle Craddock‎.


Dixie Belle the ChihuahuaDixie Belle is her mommy’s best friend. Her mommy is Britney Vogel‎.


MeMe the ChihuahuaI wonder what MeMe is thinking in this photo? She is loved by Addison Diane West‎.


Darrell the ChihuahuaThis cutie pie is named Darrell and Darrell helped his mommy Miranda Sroka‎ get through her husband’s deployment. What a good boy!


 Cookie the ChihuahuaCookie has been part of her mommy’s life for 5 years now. her mommy is Coraly Lugo‎.


Annabell the ChihuahuaAnnabell  looks comfy in that chair doesn’t she? She belongs to Tammy Threlkeld Cooper.


Schmeichel the Peek-a-ChiHow adorable is Schmeichel? He’s a Peek-a-Chi (Pekingese and Chihuahua mix). He belongs to Noeleen Cunningham‎.


Angel the ChihuahuaNicole Jackson‎ says this is her little princess angel. Not sure if that’s her name or not.


3 Chihuahua puppiesThese 3 little puppies belong to Edward Adonis. So adorable!


Rosana Arce TorresThis is Rosana Arce Torres holding her beautiful little girl.


Max the ChihuahuaThis is Max who loves going for a little ride. His mom says he was only in a few feet of water and was being pulled by his grandfather. Max’s mom is Maureen Leiter.


Chichi the ChihuahuaChichi is 7 months old. He loves to cuddle and play and belongs to Melinda R Mccarty‎.


Maisey the ChihuahuaThis cute little pup is named Maisey and she belongs to Billie ‘Bea’ Nunley-Clark.


Pebbles the ChihuahuaLittle Pebbles will have her birthday in June and will be 2 years old. She belongs to Tracy Fidler-Gonzalez‎.


Lucy the ChihuahuaThis sleeping beauty is named Lucy and she belongs to Sandy Trostle.


Paco the ChihuahuaWhat an adorable Chihuahua! His name is Paco and he belongs to Cindy Fisher.


Lou the ChihuahuaThis is Lou and he belongs to Ann Frodnellob.


Chili and Gordy the ChihuahuasThese two cuties are Chili and Gordy and they belong to Scott Bienstock‎.


Marley the Chihuahua and BellaThis is Marley and the girl he loves Bella.  Sherri Wood Naumann is the mom.


Chico the ChihuahuaChico was recently adopted in December and he is loved by Shelia Elaine‎.


Fern the Chihuahua‎This is Fern and his “girlfriend” Hello Kitty. He belongs to Carlo Garcia‎.


Lil Pete the ChihuahuaLil Pete had just been neutered the day before in this photo. He belongs to Toni Hallum Carcanaques‎.


ChihuahuaWhat a cute little boy Chi! He belongs to Tamaris Feliberty‎.


Winston the ChihuahuaIsn’t Winston gorgeous? He had a hard go of it when he was younger with a bout of Parvo and 2 weeks in the pet hospital but he’s fine and dandy now. He is 6 years old and belongs to Sabrina Durham‎.


Kaci the ChihuahuaSay hello to pretty Kaci. Her mom Tammi Winn McCabe says she’s the sweetest puppy ever.


Chloe the ChihuahuaAnother pretty girl, this is Chloe and she belongs to Rosa Vazquez‎.


Gracie Poo the ChihuahuaGracie Poo is a true Mexican gal. She comes from Zacatecas, Mexico but now lives in Illinois. Her mom Sarah Raczynski‎ says she loves her squeaky toys, running around like crazy and socks.


Maggie Mae the Chihuahua
Isn’t Maggie Mae cute peeking our under her blanket? She belongs to Jane Williams.


Rosie the ChihuahuaThis is Rosie the Chihuahua enjoying a beautiful Spring day. She belongs to Ally Smith‎.

Okay, that’s it for this week. Hope these little guys lifted your spirits and gave you a smile. Feel free to leave a comment and let us all know who was your favorite Chihuahua.


Sunday 31st of May 2015

This may sound silly but Maddie,s eyes water when she is out the sun which she loves .is there such a thing as sunglasses ? Told you it was silly . Can you help? .


Sunday 31st of May 2015

Yeah they do Sandy. They are called doggles. I have seen them on Amazon but I'm sure you can find them other places too. Just do a google search for them.


Saturday 30th of May 2015

Me too Diane!

Diane Gauthier

Saturday 30th of May 2015

These sweeties are all so cute! I just love love love chihuahuas!!!!

A Richardson

Sunday 24th of May 2015

Go Darrell!