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Chihuahuas of the Week for Week ending 4-4-15

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Since this site and the Facebook page has grown so big, I have a huge backlog of adorable Chihuahuas that all want to be Chi of the Day. To accommodate everyone, I would have to be posting a whole lot more on the Facebook page than I am now.

Since I don’t want to clog up everyone’s news feed with constant Chihuahua photos (although I know some of you would like that), I decided to add a weekly post on here, that will be shared on Facebook too, of our precious Chihuahuas. I’m calling it Chihuahuas of the Week. I will feature 30 of my favorite Chis.

Ready? Let’s go!

Lil Bit the Chihuahua

Lil Bit is a sweet little girl Chi belonging to Ruthann Ranjel.


Vavy Loo the Chihuahua

Here we have Baby Loo. Her mommy Stacey Runge says she  is missing her daddy who is away on business.


Princess the Chihuahua

This little princess is named, you guessed it, Princess. She is loved by Jennifer Snyder.


Lola the Chihuahua

Pretty Lola is rocking her winter coat and boots although her mom, Bonnie DuBay Sitton says she doesn’t like wearing them.


Bonnie DuBay Sitton‎ also has this little sweetie named Brooklyn.


Lucy the Chihuahua belongs to Gloria Giunta McCoy‎.


Tank the ChihuahuaThis handsome lad is Tank. He just had his 3rd birthday in February. His mom is Mary Snedeker Ullom Dawson.


Spotty the Chihuahu

Isn’t this little Chi adorable in his hat? His name is Spotty and he belongs to Rosaly Otero and David Cartagena.


Bristol Bruin is such an adorable puppy isn’t he? He belongs to Jason Callahan‎.


Toxedo is a beautiful long haired Chihuahua. He belongs to Melan La Tornade‎.


The quality of this photo wasn’t too good but little Lola P Lugo was just so freaking cute, I had to include her photo. She belongs to Patricia Lugo‎.


Action Jackson isn’t too active at the moment. He’s taking a snooze! He belongs to Stacy Reavley Lollie‎.


Bella and Bubble Baby

Silly sleeping Chihuahuas! This is Bella and Bubble Baby and they belong to Lois Parrino.


I wonder what Baby Mila is thinking here? She looks so thoughtful in this photo. She belongs to Nicoley Baloney‎.


Here we have 2 year old Tristan. He belongs to Austin Markham‎.


MoMo the Chihuahua

I love the look on MoMo’s face! What a cutie! She belongs to April Cavazos.


This tiny morsel of adorableness belongs to Julia Ferris Godel‎. His name is Harley and he was only 5 ounces and 7 weeks old in this picture. He’s now almost a year old but not much bigger at 2.4 pounds.


Bella the Chi

Pretty Bella is also tiny at just a tad over 3 pounds. She suffers from seizures. She belongs to Farrah Beatty.


As their photo says, this is Sophie and Jacob. Their mommy is Jenny Nicole Bullard‎.



Tila the ChihuahuaTila is not a happy camper as she is recovering from being spayed. Her mom is  Erin Mcloney


Pinki the ChihuahuaSilly little Pinki sucking on her Binky. Hey, that rhymes! Pinki belongs to  Adaliz Arroyo Pantojas.


Rozko the Chihuahua

Rozko wasn’t feeling well in this photo but his mom said he’s fine now after some antibiotics. His mom is Liz Vasquez.


Nita loves playing in the snow! Her mommy is Shelly Surette‎.


Tinka the Chihuahua

This little cutie is Tinka Marie. She turned 5 in February. She belongs to Stacie Frehner.


Taco the Chihuahua

Say hello to Taco. He belongs to Cheyenne Johnson.


Buddy the ChihuahuaThis silly Chihuahua is Buddy. He is loved by Mary Silvia.


Snickers the Chihuahua

Snickers is such a cutie pie and he belongs to Cheri Bainbridge.


Miggy the Chihuahua

Miggy is such a handsome Chi boy! He belongs to Brittany McPeek.


Love those ears! This is Clark and he belongs to Smita Philip‎.


Last but not least we have 8 week old Casper. Not great photo quality but Casper is a real cutie!


Okay that’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed this week’s Chihuahuas! Please let the pet parent’s know in the comments that enjoyed visiting with their fur babies.



Mrs. Jacques

Wednesday 27th of May 2015

Love all the pictures. Finally time to catch up on the news letters. I save them all until I have time to check them all out. Love your site. Thank you so much. I really need to send some of my Chi. Pictures to you.


Wednesday 27th of May 2015

So glad you like them Mrs. Jacques!


Friday 24th of April 2015

Such a cutie pie

izzy Marie's mommy

Saturday 11th of April 2015

Cathy Thank you so much for sharing your talent and time with us. The Chihuahua pictures are so adorable. Congratulations on your new addition to the family. A sweet baby boy. I'm sure he will be spoiled rotten by grandma. Sue


Saturday 11th of April 2015

Thanks Sue! I appreciate it. Yes the baby will definitely be spoiled and loved by me!


Saturday 11th of April 2015

Otis out to lunch

Jan Pavlik

Friday 24th of April 2015

This is Maximus Humpfree in his winter gear. We LOVE this guy


Saturday 11th of April 2015

Awww, Otis is a cutie!

Monica Lopez

Tuesday 7th of April 2015

So adorable


Tuesday 7th of April 2015

Yes they are Monica! Thanks for visiting!