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Chis of the Week 4-11-15

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Time again to share my favorite Chis of the Week!  Take a few minute and look at all these pretty Chis! Be sure to comment below and let the pet parents know that you enjoyed visiting with their beloved Chihuahua babies.

As usual, I will give what ever details I know about these Chihuahuas and pet parents.

Mia the ChihuahuaThis happy little girl is name Mia and she lives in Australia. Her mommy is Alicia McLennan‎.


Sadie the ChihuahuaBeautiful Sadie has been a good girl on a recent road trip. She belongs to Wanda Broskoskie‎.


Poppy the Chihuahua puppy

Poppy is only a week old in this photo. He belongs to Tiffany Vanwagenen‎.


Teddy Redford the Chihuahua

This is Teddy Redford and he lives in Florida. His mom is Patty Carden.


Mila the ChihuahuaLook at little Mila sitting up for you! She belongs to  Gloria Brooks Scott‎.



Baby Kiki the ChihuahuaAndrea Spooner‎ says her Baby Kiki is causing trouble  in this photo.


Honey the Chihuahua

Here is Honey in her pretty pink sweater. She belongs to Lori Ard‎.


Daisy the Chihuahua

Doesn’t Daisy cute look sitting in the Fiestaware? Her mom is Diane Galan Baker.


Thimble the ChihuahuaThis beautiful Chihuahua is named Thimble and belongs to Marcia K. McDonald‎.


Zero the ChihuahuaZero is about 3 months old and is a rescue pup. He has a 5 year old “sister” who is also a Chihuahua who thinks he is her baby. He belongs to Nicola Vickery‎.


Pico the Chihuahua

This little guy is Pico! His mom is Renee Cerda‎.


Jose the Chihuahua

Don’t you just love the expression on Jose’s face? His pet parent Cindy Parson Webb says this is hos first time in the grass. This photo makes me laugh!


Chihushuas in a mess Uh Oh! Look at what these two have been up to! Naughty pups! They belong to Larry Kuzniak‎

.Diana the Chihuahua

This little cutie is Diana! She is the grand-dog of Henry Carrier‎.


Max the ChihuahuaThis is Max. He belongs to Joan Marie Bartels‎.



Princess the ChihuahuaSay hello to Princess. Isn’t she cute in her blue dress? She belongs to Stacey Earwood‎.


Cappy the Chihuahua

This is Cappy and she/he (not sure which) had an important job! Cappy says “My name is Cappy. I am a 15 year old Chi and best buddy and ears for my Mom, who is deaf. She is alone at night, most of the time, and it is my job to watch over her and wake her up if I hear ANYTHING suspicious around the house. I do this by jumping on her chest. I take my job very seriously! Guess God gave me these big ol ears for a reason!‘ Cappy belongs to Cokey She.


Peanut the Chihuahua

This adorable Chi is named Peanut and he has OCD (Obsessive Cat Disorder). He loves to bark at cats but his mom Tammy Roberts Tighe says he is a sweetheart. He is 9 years old.


Bella the Chihuahua

This little sweetie is Bella and her mom is Brandi Borum.


KDee the Chihuahua

What a cute Christmas Chi! This is KDee and her mommy is Eileen M. Wayne.


Bogey the Chihuahua

As the photo says, this cutie pie is Bogey and he belongs to Shaaron Sissy Boyd.


Toots the Chihuahua

This Toots and she lives in West Virginia. Her mom is Linda Haught‎.


Ginger, Sugar and Cinnamon the ChihuahuasThese 3 adorable girl Chis are Sugar, Cinnamon and Ginger and they belong to Cheryl Flory‎.


Pliddle the ChihuahuaPliddle the Chihuahua was born with a cleft palate. He’s now 9 years old and belongs to Audra Horvath‎.


Daisy the Chihuahua

This is 9 week old Daisy. Her pet parent is Mackenzie Renee Mota‎.


Nicco the Chihuahua

Nicco was snuggling with his mommy in this photo. His mommy is Penny Brown Miller.


Cah-Cha the Chihuahua

Cha-Cha turned 13 on March 4th, 2015. He still looks handsome, doesn’t he? He belongs to Margie Mentz.


Ariel the ChihuahuaIsn’t Ariel beautiful? She belongs to Cody J. Davis‎.


Molly the ChihuahuaThis sweet little Chihuahua is named Molly. She belongs to Jayden Cesare‎.


Titan the ChihuahuaThis handsome Chi is named Titan. He is loved by Christina Ernst‎.


That’s it for this week. Leave a comment and let us know which Chihuahua is your favorite!


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