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Rest in Peace Little Loves

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Today we have a new memorial post honoring 8 precious little Chihuahuas. They were all special and very much loved by their families.

Please read through and leave a condolence message to their families.


Capponi the Chihuahua

The first is little Capponi who had just turned 1 in January. He passed on May 4th and his mom Debbie Esperanza says losing him is like losing a family member. Poor little boy.


Jose the Chihuahua

Jose passed away on April 13th. His mom Judy White called him “the king” and buried him in his Elvis outfit.
Coka Moka the Chihuahua

Tammy Holmes Durrant woke up on April 18th to find that her beloved Coka Moka had passed away. She was 9 years old.



Chia the ChihuahuaThis beautiful little girl, I believe her name was Chia, passed away on April 19th. Her mom Christy Grayson said she come home to find her dying and was with her when she passed. She believes she may have been poisoned.
Pwee the ChihuahuaPwee had been sick for months and passed on April 30th. Dawn M Finley‎ was his mommy.



Shadow the ChihuahuaThis little guy was 10 years old and his name was Shadow. He passed away on April 24th. His mom Carly Jane Hedden‎ says she had him since he was 6 weeks old.



Choppy and Sir the Chihuahuas

These two Chihuahuas belong to Junebug Taylor‎ and their names are Choopy (on the left) and Sir. Choopy and Sir were best friends. Choopy passed away on April 30th.



Miss Bug the ChihuahuaMiss Bug was 14 years old and passed away on May 7th. Her mom was Amanda Jo Waters‎.


Okay that’s it for now. Remember to honor their memories and families and let them know you care.




Dog lover Emmaline

Monday 1st of March 2021

So sorry for your losses,I know how much that hurts,i've never lost a chi but once I had a grey cat named Nesha. May God bless you all. I saw a picture on google that said that the dead dog's wish was that you gave another dog the love you gave them,don't give up on having dogs because the loss is too big

sandra Boucher

Saturday 16th of May 2015

So very sorry to hear about all of your losses. Chis have a special place in our hearts. RIP tiny ones. I don' t know what I would if I lost mine. God Bless All.

Deborah Erickson

Tuesday 12th of May 2015

RIP precious fur angels, run free at the Bridge. Know that you all will be reunited with your mommies and daddies someday to once again walk side by side.


Monday 11th of May 2015

Very sad to hear about these beautiful chi's. My Buster died unexpectedly in my arms last July. I am very blest to be given Banjo, whom I love very dearly.


Sunday 10th of May 2015

So very sorry for your loss, i know just how much your heart aches and how much you miss your babies, may they all RIP