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The Passing of Four Little Girls

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Sad to say, but it’s time for another memorial post for those beloved Chihuahuas we have lost.

This time we have 4 little girls, all adorable and precious.

Candy Ann the Chihuahua

This is Candy Ann. She was the faithful companion of Vickie House for 17 years. Vickie says she just picked up her ashes today.


Pumpkin the Chihuahua

This is Pumpkin and she passed on April 12th, 2015. Her mom is Iris Lovett and she says they were blessed to have her for 13 years.


Cookie the Chihuahua

Little Cookie crossed the rainbow bridge on April 2, 2015. Her mommy was Kimmie Nix‎.


My Dog the Chihuahua

This is “My Dog”. Isn’t she adorable? She passed on April 11, 2015 due to twisted intestines.  She belonged to the sister of Mary Lister. I believe the sister’s name is Charlene Arellanes  but I’m not 100% sure. I do know that this little pup was her best friend.

Please offer your condolences for these sweet little angels in the comments below and let the pet parents know you are thinking of them.


Winston Ramirez Sr

Saturday 20th of June 2015

So sorry for the loss of these beautiful companions. My condolences to their families. I have five Chi's and love them all dearly. They are the children of my old age. The other children are grown and gone, so these "babies" are very much loved and cared for.

Suzanne Monty and molly

Sunday 19th of April 2015

Sorry for your loss all sooo cute from me and molly from Australia.

Jody Gore

Thursday 16th of April 2015

I am so sorry for all of your losses. I am dreading the day I have to go thru this with my girl. Be strong and know that your babies are wwatching down on u and protecting u. RIP beautiful babies.


Wednesday 15th of April 2015

My deepest sympathy to all who lost their beautiful fur babies. I can only imagine your grief. Comfort to all.

Debra Mason

Wednesday 15th of April 2015

So sorry for your loss :(