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The Passing of Two Little Girl Chis

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Isabelle the Chihuahua

This is Isabelle who was only 8 years old when she passed away on Monday February 23rd at 12:20.The cause was Congestive Heart Failure.

Her mom Allyson May‎ says ‘She had surgery last Wednesday for a bladder stone. The vet said that she was probably in the beginning stages before the surgery and between the surgery and the pneumonia she developed it cause it to escalate.”

RIP beautiful girl!


The second Chihuahua girl lost was Sugar.

Sugar the Chihuahua

Sugar’s mom  Sharron Hamrick‎ reports that she passed away from heart failure on Thursday February 26th. She was an elderly lady of 18 years.

Please offer your condolences to the families of these two sweet girls in the comments below.

sherry hansen

Saturday 9th of November 2019

Sharon, So very sad to read of the passing. They live on in Our Hearts forever. We Love them, We Miss them and We Mourn them. They **are** an important member of the Family. We become so, so attached and the passing of is so very difficuly. Do believe, she absolutely knew she was loved, her forever home. So very touching.....My darling chi Perry,got at 3m and lived a GOOD LIFE for 16 years !!! How he was LovedXX, but in the end, his wee heart, delirious, seizures. Do try to recall the happy times o'er the years......Will be 2 years this January . Good days I have, bad days, when I have a bad day thinking of him I quickly replace negative with positive thought......Take a day at a time..... My best to You.


Friday 12th of April 2019

R. I. P. To All the Babies that have died.


Saturday 21st of March 2015

So very sorry to hear about both Chi mommies loss. I too have lost fur babies in the past. In fact I have lost 4, two Chi's and two Toy Poodles, my one ol'e boy, Chico a Chi was just a little shy of 18 yrs old, when we decided he had suffered enough and put him down! My son, at the time was 10 yrs old was furious with us and said he could probably live at least another year or two. So he learned a valuable lesson that day. That life is meant to be lived not suffer through. It's quality not quantity! Losing my 4 fur babies crushed me and my entire family! When the other Chi Toro passed away, my husband cried like a baby and said in Toro he always knew somebody loved him unconditionally. And that itty bitty dog was crazy over my husband. So my fur baby friends I truly understand your pain! But at least your little babies are no longer suffering! Take peace in remembering their joy and love for you! God Bless, and RIP fur babies! Sugar and Isabelle.


Saturday 28th of February 2015

My condolences to both families. I loved my 1st fur baby at the age of 5. I have since had many fur babies. Peaches (a mutt),Dillenger (Texan Red Wolf), Leela (malamute mix), Stanley (golden retriever), Frosty (white German Shepherd), Tigger (mutt), Bear (retriever chow), Bo (Rhodesian Ridgeback, Doberman Pinscher), Hook (Red Border Collie).. Those have passed onto the Rainbow Bridge. I now have my 2 Chi's, Bandanna (Bandi), and Mali (Malibu). Love my fur babies!!!!

Michelle Harris

Saturday 28th of February 2015

I am so very sorry for your loss to the both you. Praying for comfort during this difficult time.