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Three Little Loves Lost

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I have decided  to occasionally post about our beloved little Chihuahuas who are no longer with us when I hear about their passings.

I just came across 3 little ones who died recently and I want to honor their memory and offer my condolences to their families.

First we have Becka.

Becka and Bella

Becka was only 8 years old. Wasn’t she adorable? Love that little tongue peeking out.  She passed away due to heart failure. Becka’s mom Kirsty Evington, says Becka was loved by all.   She passed away today February 20, 2015. The little cutie next to Becka is Bella.


Next we have Shane’s Dizzy Puck Everlasting.

He was born April 6th, 2002 and dies February 18, 2015. He was loved by Shane R Irwin‎.


Last but not least is Alfie


Alfie passed away on February 12th, 2015from heart problems.  He was 11 years old. He was loved by Lindsey Ruppe‎.


Feel free to leave any messages of condolences for the pet parents in the comments below.

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