• Agree that small is breeding way too small&
        Unfortunately, there is the Supply & Demand of economics involved.
        People do no realize it is unhealthy for dogs to be that small and
        put their selfish desires over the health of an animal being.

        It breaks my heart. Why don’t people just get a hedgehog, instead?
        They ARE cute. Yet, again, I hate to see people start taking in
        “pets” other than a dog or cat. Leave wild animals to being wild.

        My wishes are a pipe dream. 🙁

        • Denna, you are so right and expressed it better than I could. I consider my Chi small but she has just passed the 5 pound mark. Even as small as she is, although I would like to let her have a litter, I don’t want to risk her health or the chances of a C-section, so at the last of this month she has a date with her Vet. I also, always had my little boys fixed.

    • As I am not a vet, I would never venture to guess on this dogs health, I have a tiny Chi who the vet says is just fine, she is just small.. Sigh

  1. poor little thing looks so stressed , It just too fragile for comfort But it’s possible it could
    live a healthy life ,Not too much heat or cold ,it would need a little sweater ,kept inside at all times .Litter
    trained to

  2. This makes me so sad, I want to believe we love Chihuahuas because of personality and small size, not smallest. I have 4 of my own and work in rescue so I see a lot. Mine are around 3 lbs each and stocky and healthy, that pup looks sick. I live in Mexico and I can’t tell you how many people have told me not to feed them meat or very much food so I can keep them small when they were pups, it took every ounce of strength not to smack the ignorance out of people.

  3. I follow a facebook page of a rescue group, run by a vets. wife. these little unhealthy dogs are like premature
    babies. She deals with this all the time. Chi’s are dying in her hand and no amount of meds,i.v. fluids can make them grow. I heard that breeders are inducing labor so the babies wll be under developed and small. this is shameful.

  4. Puhleeeeeeeeeeeeze don’t breed this little angel. Just love her & take care of her. I have 4 chi’s & one is a 4 pounder. I love all of them & will always take one more if it’s being abandoned or neglected.

    • She’s not mine Lu but I hope her pet parent doesn’t try to breed her. She probably wouldn’t survive the pregnancy or delivery.

  5. Concerned. I have seen this before….the “owner/breeder” limited food and supplements to keep that “tiny” look. If they breed her it will seriously cause problems or kill her and if the pup or pups survive they will not be normal. All because of a look the animal is made to suffer. I have a tiny one and they are in no way “unhealthy” or looks like this….I do not care about the look but how my dog feels. He is healthy and looks it. He is corn fed according to my Vet lol at 4 lbs. I feel for that baby…if she doesn’t have health problems now she will…time to put some weight on her. Even a little.This is not cute because of the “unhealthy” appearance. She probably weighs less than that “ball and chain” around her neck which probably henders her walk. This type of breeding should be outlawed.

  6. A puppy that small would make me nervous. I saw a micro Yorkie at the vet when I was getting my Chi her annual shots and the owner was saying she was forever sick. Adorable but at the same time the vet bills would be astronomical. I don’t agree with breeding them that small, simply because they are usually unhealthy and you pay stupid amounts for them, not to mention the vet bills if they do get sick.
    I think I’m happy with my little girl. Just right and spoiled rotten…lol.

    • I have heard that micro dogs often have numerous health problems Murielle. It’s just not worth putting them through that just to have a tiny dog as a status symbol.

      • I was told not to let my Little Bit get over weight. The internal organs do not always match the size. You can breed for a tiny dog but the insides are normal sized! My Bit is 10 now and needs new hips and his knees fixed. He is healthy other than that. He weighs 5.6 pounds. I found an ad for Chi pups, I wanted one. He picked me and we are together!

  7. This dog is so disturbing to me, I hope you know who it belongs to and can have someone make a home visit, this is pure cruelty, it is not cute and should be condemned no Chihuahua should be that small full grown there is something very wrong here, this site is starting to bother me, there are a lot of people that you can tell are great Chi owners but many that leave me feeling sick/

  8. Milly was 3 months old when that pic was taken… Here is Milly now and she is the worlds smallest dog but she looks healthy..

  9. I have never seen a Chihuahua that small before. I thought my Nola was extremely tiny at 3.5lbs and she is healthy I take very good care of her and made the decision to not breed her in worrying that her puppies would be to small. I love being a Chihuahua mom and love small dogs but I want them to be healthy and that poor little puppy looks like she has Encephalitis. she is very cute and probably sweet as can be but I think she could have a lot of health issues because of her size

  10. I’m horrified to know people do this on purpose. Chance are ths little one has died by now that pic is two years old…. She looks so un healthy. Bless her little heart.

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