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Before you go…check out this offer just for you!!

For a limited time, get the low introductory price of $7 for our new guide to easily and quickly brush your dog’s teeth.

Chihuahuas are notorious for having dental issues. These issues can result in lost teeth, and in extreme cases, a shortened life span. 

Brushing your dog’s teeth will:

  • Lessen the chance of costly and possibly dangerous dental cleanings from your vet
  • Freshen your dog’s breath
  • Help your dog live longer with a healthier mouth

 Here’s what you will get!

A DIGITAL download with:

      • A list of tools you will need
      • Instructions on how to brush your dog’s teeth
      • A step by step of how to get your chihuahua used to teeth brushing
      • Tips and alternatives on what to do if your dog refuses to let you brush his teeth
      • The PDF so you can make a copy to print out these instructions
      • A video showing you how to brush your dog’s teeth