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Chihuahua Stories

We want you to share your stories about your Chihuahua(s). Tell us about your funny, touching, sad experiences. Tell us about the first Chihuahua you ever owned. Tell us what made you fall in love with this breed.

Email with your story, what name you want used with the story and any photos you would like with the story.

You will be sent the link to your story when it is published and it will be announced to our 300,000 fans on our Facebook page.

Boo the chihuahua puppy making a mess

The Story of Boo

I’m Cathy and this is the most wonderful sweetest comical little chihuahua I have ever seen.  I just love my lil’ Boo so much. He has brought me from being in tears and turning them to tears of joy. He knows me and he knows when to turn on the comedy and when to go …

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chihuahua and man

Weetie Wee and His Daddy

My husband passed on Jan. 29 2019. He was 50. He had never owned a pet. Never been married, and never had kids.   We grew up next door to each other as kids. Grew up, moved on through our lives. After 32 years of no contact, I found him on Facebook. Drove 2 hours …

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