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Curation Policy

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Here at we take curation seriously.


The internet was built and founded on linking, sharing, and recommending great stories from other sources on the web.
Curation, to us, means finding interesting, well-written, and highly appropriate articles for our readers.

By choosing an article from your site, we are giving it our vote of approval. This not only means that we excerpt your article, we also give it our highest recommendation, and we direct our readers … in every case … to view your article on your website.

Our curation is designed to send our readers to your site and your articles.

We curated and excerpted your article because it was outstanding in some way.

If, for any reason, you wish us not to excerpt your stories, simply contact us, and request your story be taken down.

We will immediately and without exception comply with your takedown request, and put you on our list of sites never to excerpt from.

99% of emails we get about curation and excerpting are from publishers and authors who are delighted to receive additional exposure and readership for their stories as a result of our curation.

Excerpting Policy

Most online publishers recognize the value of having their stories and articles

commented on
linked to
new readers encouraged to the articles

Social sharing of online content only extends the reach, impact, and ultimately the effectiveness and profitability of the original publisher’s website.

We are excerpting your content to inform our visitors, and to point then to the original source of the excerpt.

To be frank … we want our readers to discover and visit your content, and your website.

We Want You To Be Pleased We Excerpted An Article From You

Standards, practices, and legal decisions about “Fair Use” are still evolving online. Our standards are higher than the merely legal.

We hold ourselves to much higher standards than “Fair Use.”
We want “Delighted Use.”

If you are not delighted to be excerpted and linked to by our site, just let us know. We will take action immediately.

We excerpt your stories the way we hope others will curate our content.

Specifically, if you like a story on our site, we are pleased and gratified.

Please feel free to excerpt it as generously as you wish. In return please just give us clear credit, links back to the article, and some encouragement for interested readers to visit the original article.

Take as much of our content as you think will inform and entertain your readers. Just link, credit, and encourage the reader to visit the original site.

That is what we do.
That is what built the internet.
That is what social sharing is about.
Everyone benefits when sharing is done respectfully and honestly.

Here is what we will never do.

We never take your entire article.We never re-publish without full credit, links and sending you readers.
We never republish an RSS feed verbatim.
We never excerpt without the intention of sending you more traffic.
We always change the headline, and add context, meaning, and analysis to your articles.

Our general guidelines for excerpts published on this site are…

never more than about 30 – 40% of any article
never more than one article from any site in any one day
never more than what is needed to communicate the essence of the article

Most Importantly…

Sharing and curation and excerpting standards are still evolving online. Our standards of delight may very well differ from yours.

If you want us to be even more generous with links and credit let us know. If you feel your story has had too much excerpted, let us know.

We will fix it to your standards instantly.

Please contact:

Angie Roberson

Sunday 1st of March 2020

This is MIA & Gracie Bleu! Such sweet girl’s we love so much ?


Sunday 1st of March 2020

Awww, what pretty girls!


Saturday 17th of August 2019

I've had dog's my whole life but it was in 2005 when I got my first chihuahua. Now that's the only dog I want in my life. Unfortunately on July 16,2019 I lost my little chihuahua Tanner I had him for 14 wonderful years. That leaves me for the first time in 14 years only having 1 chihuahua. Her name is BabyGirl. She started acting strange after Tanner passed so I brought her to the vet told them her symptoms and they said it sounded like she had anxiety. She's never been the only dog in the house before. So they put her on anxiety medication. I have already cut the dose down I swore after tanner died I would never get another dog again I just can't imagine going through that heartbreak again. Now I am wondering???? I'll do anything for BabyGirl. Not crazy about having her on meds but also don't want her having anxiety. Any suggestions?


Saturday 17th of August 2019

It does sound like this is her way of mourning for her brother. You could try out a small dog play group at a doggy daycare but I think she may need another dog in her life. There's no guarantee it will help and it may take a few weeks for her to warm up to another dog. It helped my dog Lucas when he lost his best friend Buddy. I brought Lucy home and she really helped him get back to normal. You just need to come to terms with knowing that a part of loving these wonderful little creatures is knowing that one day you will lose them. It's the hardest part of having a dog. Oh also, you could try some CBD oil. It does seem to help with anxiety.