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Cathy and KiloHi, I’m Cathy and probably like you, I love Chihuahuas! Kilo was my first Chi but I have been a life long dog owner and lover.

Kilo passed away in June 2017 and at the end of July, I adopted Lucas, a 2 year old Chihuahua mix. He is one of 4 rescue dogs that live with me along with 6 Sugar Gliders and 2 Asian Fire Belly frogs.

And recently I adopted pretty little 4 pound Lucy. She is the calmest little dog I have ever seen and every time I sit down, she is in my lap. The ultimate lap dog.

Lucy the chihuahua

Before I had Kilo, I never knew what special little dogs Chihuahuas are. I have lived and worked with dogs all my life. I would love to have another one..or two..or three.

I have been a dog groomer, worked in a Pet Hotel at  PetSmart, and a kennel. I used to breed and show Yorkshire Terriers. One of my rescues was a therapy dog for a nursing home and a local disabled children’s home. So you can see I’m a life long pet lover!

Anyway, I develop websites for myself and others and I decided I wanted to start a website, really a community, where others who love the Chihuahua dog breed can share our problems, heartbreaks, and the joys we have with our Chi babies.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions at