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Cathy and KiloHi, I’m Cathy Bendzunas and probably like you, I love Chihuahuas! Kilo was my first Chi but I have been a life long dog owner and lover.

Kilo passed away in June 2017 and at the end of July, I adopted Lucas, a 2 year old Chihuahua mix. He is one of 4 rescue dogs that live with me along with 6 Sugar Gliders and 2 Asian Fire Belly frogs.

Several years ago I adopted pretty little 6 pound Lucy. She is the calmest little dog I have ever seen and every time I sit down, she is in my lap. The ultimate lap dog.

Lucy the chihuahua

Before I had Kilo, I never knew what special little dogs Chihuahuas are. I have lived and worked with dogs all my life. I would love to have another one…or two…or three.

I have been a dog groomer, worked in a Pet Hotel at  PetSmart, and a kennel. I used to breed and show Yorkshire Terriers. One of my rescues was a therapy dog for a nursing home and a local disabled children’s home. So you can see I’m a life long pet lover!

Anyway, I develop websites for myself and others and I decided I wanted to start a website, really a community, where others who love the Chihuahua dog breed can share our problems, heartbreaks, and the joys we have with our Chi babies.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions at


Wednesday 1st of April 2020

Can someone give me advice on food for your chi's? I have 2 and they are so picky. I wish they would run to their food.

Thanks in advance


Thursday 2nd of April 2020

I have heard that picky dogs love Royal Canin for chihuahuas. My Ziggy is picky and will not eat kibble. But he likes the fresh delivered meals like Ollies, PetPlate, The Farmers Dog, etc. It's more expensive than kibble but much healthier too. You can also make the same kind of food at home for them. We have an article on that here:


Thursday 13th of February 2020

Hi, Cathy! Just now seeing this - forgot to check “notify me box!” Yup . . . discretion is the better part of being a superlative Dog Mum! ✨♥️?♥️✨


Tuesday 28th of January 2020

Lucy is so sweet! I want another Chi - but need to reign in my maternal instinct. Latest photo of my girls, Gigi the Chi & Mia the Mix!


Tuesday 28th of January 2020

Oh Anni! Your'e girls are gorgeous! Love them! I know what you mean about wanting more but having to reign it in, I really want at least one (possibly 2) more but I know it's not a good idea right now.


Monday 13th of January 2020

Lisa - It is really obvious to me that you are called to give love ❤️ to and nurture dogs! You have a gift!!! There is a pup “soul mate” out there waiting to find her-his furever home with you! By the way - I’m 5’1” if I stand up REALLY tall.


Monday 13th of January 2020

That's nice of you to say. I sure wish that Australian Shepherd neighbor dog liked me. I guess she is who she is and just hope she never gets to sink her teeth in me.

Like Montana I'm sure I'll find my new dog soul mate. Furever home. I love that! I'm a Hobbit compared to you! Chuckle.

When I was looking for my girl I test drove several dogs. A Greyhound who was intent on untying my shoe laces, a White German Shepherd who thought my knee was a chew toy but gently, a Keeshound who got too excited and klunked me in the head, a Jack Russel more interested in his toy and a Lhasa Apso who moved in slow motion. But when I saw my girl and she was brought to me and yes it was at a pet shop, in the crowded room her eyes locked on me as if she knew. It was instant connection. I didn't know about puppy mills then and when I got no papers on her then I knew. She had a back problem and an eating issue that we worked around. She even saved my life a couple times. She was special and my parents always said I was special. Never knew what that meant and all of my past pets have been shall I say...different. The only time we had a dog was when my brother brought one home. Everyone had to take care of her but my brother the dog knew was her real parent.

I'll know the minute I see him/her they'll be the one. You just know. I'm busy saving so I can get my new special one.


Sunday 12th of January 2020

Lisa - I don’t know if Uber is a big city vs smaller town thing or if it’s generational (I’m 67) - but my kids (early 30’s, live in 1 in Washington DC and the other in lge metro in Great Britain) think nothing of “Ubering.” Recently divorced, I looked into it as a way to stay safe if I wanted to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine when dining out if I did not have a ride. Per previous post, the costs were very high; as of 3 yrs ago, the coverage in my small Midwestern City was so spotty that I could get an Uber to a Charity Benefit Dinner . . . but it was being held at a restaurant in the “burbs” and there was no Uber coverage for the return! I chose to drive and only use 1 drink ticket. Another time, I was invited to attend a formal Scottish Heritage Gala at a downtown hotel over Thanksgiving Weekend. On a Saturday night - to and from Downtown. Again I checked Uber - I think the cost of the Uber was going to be 2/3 the cost of my ticket! I paid a college student to drive me ($25 round trip). Plus, so many scary stories about Uber drivers who are not honest.

Back to dogs - I have heard that Pitties are darling! For me, size was very important though. Just cannot handle a dog that big. And the older I get, the smaller my dogs are. Gigi and me are each 5.5 lbs. I’ll be down to tea-cups! Next!! Lol


Sunday 12th of January 2020

Pitties are fantastic. I figure since I had Montana for 16 and a half years how hard could it be to have a big dog.

In November of 2018 a month after my girl passed and by the way she was so bad from age I had to put her to sleep, my neighbor took me to a shelter and I had pulled a Pit Bull mix for comfort. It was an odd experience at first. He was about 3 years old and a stray and he was more interested in smelling the room than me. So I used their phone and said what do I do! Give him some treats we have in the room. So I opened the package and the dog named Pop Tart turned around came to me and I asked him to sit. Instant sit. I took out a treat and held it out for him and he took it very gently and as he chewed he looked intently at me just like my Montana did. Then out of habit I held out my hand and said gimme five expecting nothing. Pop Tart scraped his big paw along my palm just like my girl did. I treated him. Did it again and he did it perfectly and I treated him. He had some sort of healing dermatitis NOT bite marks that the shelter claimed he got fighting with another dog. I didn't buy it at all. So I started picking off a scab. What did Pop Tart do? Nothing! I gave him a quick hug as a test. What did Pop Tart do? He gave me a hard kiss then another.

I started talking to him like I did my girl. He remained seated, intensely looking at me full attention. It was like I was with my girl who did the same. I thanked him for comforting me.

Now the odd thing was that the shelter made me sign a waiver saying if I got bitten they weren't responsible. Why on earth, stray or not, would they put someone alone in a room with a biter. I needed a dog's comfort so I signed. But never was I afraid. Pop Tart after I buttered him up to get his attention with snacks, was gentle, attentive.

Now let me tell more stories of other Pitties I encountered. When I was 20 I cleaned cages at a Vet Clinic. There were 4 Pit Bull puppies. I didn't know what they were at the time. They were about 3 months old. Boy were they exuberant! I had a long sleeved shirt on and they all ganged up on my shirt playfully tugging. Not once did they grab flesh. Not once did they tug so hard to rip my shirt. But they wouldn't let go and I'm trying to shake them off so I could continue doing my work. It took some doing. I finished my work went back to the cage and cuddled every one of them. They were all kisses.

About three years ago I saw this man as I was walking Montana a man with two Pit Bulls and stopped him to talk about his dogs which surprised him. One lay down bored the other he told to sit which she did. The man's 5 year old just stared at me. But the interesting thing? My Chihuahua wasn't scared of the dogs. They both looked at her then at me. Why is that important to mention? Other dogs have always tried to get to her making me pick her up. These dogs? They didn't look at her as a meal, no lunging, no growling, nothing. I thanked the man for letting me talk to him and I watched those walk on either side of the little boy like bookends. It was so cute. I think the guy was surprised I wasn't scared.

My neighbor had a Pit Bull puppy. She ran to me as I was pulling up weeds on my tree lawn. The funny thing? Everyone else she ran up to to say hello they ran away! Her name was Remmy. So wiggly and friendly. She was about 5 months old. A coupke weeks later she saw me again and ran to me greeting me with exuberance. I said to him I was suepeised she remembered me. "She forgets no one" he said. Well a year before my girl passed the neighbor knocked on my door. Who was in his arms? Remmy! He needed to use my phone. I said I don't know Montana has never had another dog in the house. He said don't worry! He came in put Remmy down and you know what? My girl didn't bark once and she just watched Remmy. So while he's making his call Remmy was full stop on me. Cuddles, kisses. I was amazed by her. Then last year Remmy ran to me again to me as I was out in front and his owner was right behind and I was playing with her and she got a little nippy. I stopped playing and said to her you know better in a conversational voice. The owner just watxhed. I started playing with her again and not one nip! She got the message. All she wanted was cuddle and I gave it. I loved that girl. When I heard she was given away I cried. I loved her that much. She was so friendly and understood boundaries.

There was another neighbor. I don't have a car so I was walking home and this lady had two Pit Bulls. One on leash one off. On leash was a big steel gray one with a huge head. The other was tan and off leash. I asked if I could meet her dogs. They were both girls. The gray one wanted to jump on me and she was gently pulled off. Her eyes were gorgeous! I pet her huge head. Then the lady called the tan one. I asked if I could let that one and she said yes and the other dog had no problem. Now I'm only 4'9" and both could've knocked me down but they were on their best behavior. The couple had kids whom the dogs adored. I thanked them for letting me meet their girls(dogs). They enjoyed the encounter and the lady said something very interesting. I didn't raise my girls to be mean she said.

Now this next encounter was the most amazing. It was at night about three years ago. I'm walking to the corner Convenient and I hear this barking. It was a stray Pit Bull barking at me. Well I kept walking as I was hungry. The dog was dark so all I heard was this barking. Couldn't even see eyes. Well the dog jumped on me and his nail ran along my leg and I just kept going. He wanted attention I wanted food. So here I am walking home and this dog is waiting for me yakking away. It was cold and I told him to leave me alone and he ran into the street and I said to him to get out of the street so he doesn't get run over and he did! And the barking stopped! All he wanted was attention. My point is this. This dog could've easily been mean but wasn't. He could've easily bitten me but didn't. He listened to me when I told him to get out of the street. And once I paid attention he followed but no barking. I guess he got picked up.

My neighbor has an Australian Shepherd who has tried to attack me but his owner pulls her back. I don't know why as I shared one of my girl's treats with her. A man last month was walking his English Bulldog/Pug mix who was barking snarling and lunging at me and he had to hold him back. Those two dogs I was nervous about. But the Pit Bulls I've met? Those dogs I felt safe around! Even that stray who jumped on me wanting attention!

I've never met a mean Pit Bull. I've cuddled Pit Bulls. It was a Pit Bull mix who helped start my healing. All the other dogs in that shelter barked at me NOT the Pit Bulls. It was OTHER dogs who tried to go after my girl. Even that stray who was barking at me? All he wanted was attention. I was thinking too much about food.

Love Pit Bulls.


Sunday 12th of January 2020

You are smart Anni. I agree, that pittis are sweet but they don't know their own strength. My friend who is almost 70 got one a few years ago after her other dog passed. I tried to talk her into getting a smaller dog as she's older and her health isn't good but she insisted on getting this pitbull. Her dog is a total love bug but she has accidentally injured my friend and her husband more than once. She's hurt me too when I go over there. She would never do it intentionally. She just has so much energy that her parents are too old to deal with. She tells me now that she wished she had listened to me.