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Chihuahua Gallery

Lots of cute chihuahua photos in these gallery posts!

chihuahuas on the beach

Water Chis

Summertime Chihuahuas By the Water I love the summer and being by (or in) the water, don’t you? Our chihuahuas love it too. At least they love the warmth of the summer sun. Some love the water too. Take a mini vacation and check out all these sweet chis enjoying the sun and sea (or …

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Chihuahua Easter Parade

It’s the time of year again. Easter! And I think we could all use some cute distractions, right? And there’s not many things  cuter than chihuahuas dressed up and ready for Easter. We have done this type of post before about 5 years ago.  Be sure to check out that Easter chihuahuas post.  Also to …

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Chihuahua in Easter bunny ears

Easter Chihuahua Gallery

Easter is such a fun time of year, isn’t it? I love the renewal of life it represents and the warm Spring days. I wanted to share with you some photos of some adorable chihuahuas ready for Easter! Oh and be sure to check out our Easter dangers for dogs post too to make sure your …

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More Long Hair Chihuahuas

I’m finally doing Part 2 of our Long Hair Chihuahuas gallery post. If you missed the first post, you can check it out here: Long Hair Chihuahuas. Ok, so on to the sweet fur babies! First we have Cracker. Cracker belongs to Abby Sage Rutherford. Next we have Ana who belongs to Andrea Orton.   …

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