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Martha Trahan

Monday 4th of October 2021

My chihuahua has been having issued with her back leg. She is not wanting to put weight on it. She is overweight about 7 lbs. Took her to vet and she just says it's because she is overweight. Jow do i get her to exercise and move around when she hurts to walk on it.


Monday 4th of October 2021

Did the vet give her anything for the pain? If not, I'd call and ask for a prescription for her. Or you CAN GET HER SOME CBD oil. That helps with pain. Swimming helps too for dogs (and people) who have painful limbs if you have access to a pool and the weather is warm enough.

Fred Walker

Sunday 5th of September 2021


I thought I would mention that it looks like the word "compe" is spelled incorrectly on your website. I've seen some tools to help with problems like this such as or I just thought you should know!



Sunday 5th of September 2021

Where are you seeing that word Fred?

Beth Mohawk

Monday 23rd of August 2021

Hello, My boy doesn't even like his kibble in a bowl. He prefers it right on the carpet next to his water. Little stinker.



Tuesday 24th of August 2021

LOL, chis can be a mystery.

Wendy Williams

Friday 20th of August 2021

Aww, thank you Cathy for having my little terror's, Chanel and Willow as Chi of the Week.


Saturday 21st of August 2021

You are very welcome Wendy!

Heather Trepanier

Tuesday 27th of July 2021

Hi Kathy, I just thought I’d pass on to you… we have a little guy who has intestinal problems. He constantly had loose runny stools for no apparent reason. I did a lot of reading and found slippery elm as a good supplement for puppies and dogs that have issues with intestinal upset. I started him on it twice a day with meals and he improved within a few days. We kept this up for a couple of months and he was having normal stools all the time, I then stopped and the loose runny stools returned immediately. So put him back on as before, no more loose stools. He has been on it for close to two years now, but only once a day and is doing fine. I will mention I also used a probiotic for about 18 months. It is recommended for humans and animals alike to use slippery elm to help the gut heal. It may be worth a try. Heather T.


Wednesday 28th of July 2021

Thanks Heather! How much of the Slippery Elm do you give him?