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Senior Chihuahuas

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Senior Chihuahuas

Senior chihuahuas have their own needs and quirks. The posts below should help you with what you need to know for your little old guy or gal.


You hope by the time your chihuahua is a senior, that they are pretty well trained. But there are still things you may need help with:


We got to keep our old fur babies clean and comfortable. These posts will help.


Nutrition is so important for our oldsters. We want them to be with us for as long as possible and good nutrition will help.

Products for your Chihuahua

All dogs need things but our older chihuahuas may need some extra items.


As our senior chihuahuas age, they usually start to have more health problems. Below are the articles that will help you keep your chi healthy for as long as possible:


These posts cover topics that won’t fit under the other categories above:

If there is anything you want to know about senior chihuahuas that isn’t covered in these posts, leave a comment and let me know.

Jean Gontkovic

Sunday 13th of February 2022

Hi. We adopted a rescued, 8 year old, female Chihuahua—Deer Head. Sadly, Ava had been in a hoarding situation, plus she’d had 2 litters while in a puppy mill. To have gone through all that, she’s so sweet and loving, and has adjusted very well. The only mild problem we’ve had is trying to figure out how best to feed her. She she eats her meals, plus too many treats, yet still goes around looking for food. She’s our only pet so she doesn’t have to compete. I’m interested in how others feed their chi’s. 😊🐕


Sunday 13th of February 2022

One of my dogs, Lucas, originally came from a hoarding situation and he always acts like he's starving and if I weren't supervising the dogs' meals, I know he would be stealing theirs too. I think it comes from having to scrounge for food when they were competing with so many other animals. For my dogs, they get their main meal in the evening, and then a small amount of kibble in the morning. They also get a dental treat after breakfast and occasionally a tiny training treat and that's it.

Marie Wilson

Friday 7th of January 2022

Hi. My 15 yr old chi male passed or was PTS on 19th Dec 3 weeks ago. He was fine on that week Monday but by Tuesday Wednesday he was off but able to walk & eat etc. Thursday he Diahorrea once. Friday he sick once. Saturday he sick ince. His Hackle was up neck to tail 24/7v since Wednesday. Out of the blue he wasn't able to walk straight. Back end was curved. He lost weight due to not eating. He drank alot more than usual and his breath had a Smell. I am trying to find answers as I am grieving so badly from my loss. I had him for 12 yrs since he was 3. He leaves behind his step sister who is now 12. She is grieving too. Is hackle a sign of a chi dying? I can't find an answer. My baby has arthritis. Cataract. He had cancer last June 2021 removed but told shall come back but we had another 18 months thankfully. He was running Monday. Had to PTS on that Sunday week. Please help me understand my loss. Breath smell. Hackle permanent up. Walking unstable with a twist from behind. I have to hold him at his rear end so he can drink. He couldn't get up from laying down. He tried but I had picked him up and lay him down. Took him for walkies. He wasn't whining when picked up. He had 2 check ups 5th & 16th November I weren't told of anything. Emergency vet sat nite told me they can feel 2 separate tumors in his tummy. I was shocked. I thought he hurt his spine. Why he was walking funny. But his appointment hadn't felt that 4 weeks earlier. He was on Rimadyl which I told can disrupt kidneys. I don't have a definitive answer as to why he should had to be PTS. On the way to the vets that horrible morning Sunday 19th I think .. as he never had one before ever. Had a seizure but I wasnt sure as he had his bottom tooth caught on the lining of the bag which he's never done before ever. I took the lining off gently and I thought he was dying but he was ok after a brief 10 mins rest. Once we arrived he did look so wiped out. Oh he had mild dementia & loss of hearing. But he was fab 6 days before. Why I thought he just injured his spine. In your experience, how do I cope with this grief & is his symptoms common amongst chi's & was he dying in those few days?


Friday 7th of January 2022

I'm not a vet so I can't really tell you what you want to know. But I can see how tumors in his belly could affect his spine. I actually lost my little sugar glider a few months ago to the same thing. Her back legs stopped working but when they did Xrays, they found a tumor in her belly. She had to be put down. Think of it this way, nerves are connected throughout your body. Have you ever been injured in one area and felt the pain in another? I have. Those nerves are connected. Same way tumors in one area of the body can affect another area of the body. As for hackles being raised, it's not a sign that a dog is dying. It just means that the dog is in a high emotional state.