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meet lucy

Meet Lucy

Guess what? I got a new chihuahua! Meet my little Lucy! A Big Loss Several weeks ago our beloved Buddy (a German Shepherd-American Bulldog mix) passed away. I will always miss that boy. He just had so much personality. I need to stop writing about him now or I’ll start crying. Anyway, I only allow …

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Meet Lucas

Meet Lucas

Most of you all know I lost my beloved little chihuahua Kilo a few weeks ago. Normally, when someone loses a fur baby, I suggest they wait awhile before getting another one. This is because many times, in the midst of our grief we are looking for a replacement for the dog we lost. Every …

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Take Your Dog to Work Day

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day! I personally think every day should be Take Your Dog to Work Day for all offices as dogs make everything so much better, don’t they? Having a dog has proven to improve the health of the dog owner. They help  reduce stress, reduce our blood pressure and …

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