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5 Lovely Items to Highlight Your Dog’s Unique Personality

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5 Lovely Items to Highlight Your Dog's Unique Personality

They’re playful, curious, sociable, loyal, affectionate, and many others things in between. Dogs, much like individual persons, have their own distinct personalities that make them stand out. And doting pet owners certainly love to highlight these traits to further show off their dog’s uniqueness. Here are some accessories to help you do just that.

Customized Dog Collars

Dog collars are among the most basic canine accessories, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be stylish as well. In fact, collars are quite easy to customize to fit your dog’s personality.

Is she bubbly and perky? A bright fuchsia pink collar will definitely match her temperament. Does he have a cheerful disposition? Then a sunshiny yellow may be the best color choice for him instead. Or perhaps your dog is quite the gentleman. If so, you can get him a rather posh bow-tie collar to make him look even more distinguished.

Conversely, if you have an inquisitive or agile dog that loves to run and move around, you’ll definitely love a stylish martingale collar; its double loop will make it easy for you to control your dog without the danger of choking her. Meanwhile, a nature-loving dog can up his street cred with a collar made of organic materials like hemp or cotton.

Various Dog Outfits

Scarves and hats, boots and socks, shirts and sweaters—there’s certainly no shortage of dog and puppy apparel that can showcase their unique style (and yours, too, of course). Just make sure that you get the correct size so your dog is as comfortable as can be while strutting their stuff whenever you’re out and about—perhaps while getting even more fabulous outfits.

Halloween, Christmas, 4th of July and other events are also perfect opportunities to showcase your dog’s personality, be it a daring superhero, a mischievous fairy, an all-American canine, or a wise old Jedi that’s one with the Force.

Witty Dog Tags

Dog tags aren’t just a way to ID your dog—though you certainly can get creative with the “if found, please call” messaging, too—they’re also great for witty, funny messages or bestowing your dog a title. A dog that’s prone to giving slobbery kisses could have a tag that reads “I’m a Smooch Pooch,” for example. Maybe your dog has played with a toilet roll one time too many; if so, he could be “Sir Tissue Waste-A-Lot.” Or perhaps your pet’s a bit on the grumpy side; it’s the perfect opportunity for an “I’m not mad, I have resting bitch face” tag, don’t you think?

Unique Dog Beds

Is your dog the queen of your home? Then get her a bed that’s shaped like a throne and fit for a kween! An expert ball catcher, on the other hand, would probably be at home in a dog bed that’s shaped like a baseball glove. Or maybe your dog is a highly intelligent, logical fellow—much like Jean-Luc Picard. If so, then a dog bed fashioned after a Star Trek captain’s chair would certainly be fitting.

There are dog beds shaped like a car or a plane that’s perfect for a travel-loving dog that’s always eager to visit new places. You can even find dog beds that can be converted into different styles. Just like your temperamental dog that could be angling for snuggles now and be all aloof and curled up all to himself an hour later

Specially Designed Dog Houses

A kennel can be as simple and practical (just four walls and a roof) or as creative as you want to further highlight your dog’s personality and favorite activities. For example, you can build or buy a dog house that doubles as a play gym for active breeds that need regular exercise. A sheepdog, who actually loves interacting with sheep and other farm animals, can reside in his own abode shaped like a barn. Or perhaps a Shiba Inu or an Akita can pay tribute to their roots with a Japanese-inspired kennel.

As the owner, you most definitely already know that your dog’s one of a kind. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to get a couple or accessories and other items to show everyone how special your pet truly is.