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Chihuahua Health

chocolate chihuahua with mouth open

Help! My Chihuahua has Bad Breath

Chihuahua kisses can be very nice, unless your dog suffers from the heartbreak of halitosis. Then maybe not so nice. But most of the time this is a solvable problem. Chihuahuas are notorious for stinky breath. It isn’t the dog’s fault. The breed is prone to all sorts of dental problems, including plaque (which hardens …

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long hair fawn colored chihuahua dog with hurt leg

Patella Luxation In Chihuahuas

Have you noticed your Chihuahua limping or holding one of their legs up when they walk? They could have a condition known as Patella Luxation. In laymen terms it is a floating kneecap. It can progressively get  worse as time goes by so it is something your veterinarian should check out. The patella, or kneecap, …

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