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Adorable Puppy Video Clips

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If you need to smile today, watch these video clips of adorable Chi pups!


Saturday 25th of March 2023

you are amazing Cathy, you are dealing with such a crisis with your irresponsible neighbor burning down your shared fence, yet you never fail to give out so much love with your posts. As always, I just love the posts of your little Lucy, her beautiful face says it all, she did not enjoy the burning smoke. Sadly, hoarding is becoming another form of addiction. A relative of ours was a hoarder and refused to let anyone near his property. Since he has passed away, we have removed 10 tons of rubbish from inside the house and junk in the overgrown garden. It seems like we will never get to the end of it but we are determined to restore this once lovely family home to its former normal state. In our country you have to get a Council permit and permission from your neighbors to burn rubbish, else you are liable for any damages you cause to your neighbor's property. Thankyou again for all your adorable chi videos and commentories, they always make my day. I hope your predicament with your odd neighbor turns out all good for you.