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The Best Food Types Specifically for Chihuahuas

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Probably one of the dog breeds with the most Hollywood exposure is the Chihuahua. From the affluent neighborhood of Beverly Hills to the scholarly halls of Harvard University, the Chihuahua has strut its tiny butt on the big screen.

So what makes the Chihuahua special? Well, for one, being small makes them perfect eye candy as he or she can fit inside your bag while you make your way in the mall.

Chihuahuas, being the world’s smallest dog give the saying “Size doesn’t matter” a whole new meaning.

Despite standing only five inches high and weighing as little as two pounds, these dogs also have a reputation for nipping at outsiders who appear threatening to them. But fret not, as these little babies are excellent companion dogs.

They seek and love attention from their owners and can be counted on to be loyal to their fur parents. Not surprisingly, these little champs are the jealous but faithful types.

They are also fond of having their playtime and love the sunny, summery weather. 

Every ounce of their little but mighty body needs nutrition. And because this breed of dog has a longer life compared to others, they can be more prone to illness. That is why experts recommend paying attention to the ingredients before buying Chihuahua dog food.

To help those chihuahua parents of the best food types for them, we have compiled a list below. 

  1. Meat as the main ingredient is a yes.

High-quality protein such as meat or chicken is a good sign. If you see corn or wheat as the first ingredient listed, then it is best to check another pack. It doesn’t really matter what brand you choose as long as it says meat. 

  1. Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables are plus points. 

Those chihuahuas food types that contain antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables partnered with meat is a sure win for your little one. These support immune function, ensuring you have one healthy pup.

  1. Dry food is better.

Dry food is better because it prevents plaque build-up. With the wet variety of commercial Chihuahua dog foods, stain and food remnants are prone to cavities and plaque.

  1. Homemade dog food is also a great choice.

Whenever we read homemade, we always think of it as extra work and time-consuming. However, it is not as hard as it sounds.

It is best if you make the dog food from fresh ingredients.

Some Chihuahua parents or dog parents feed their dogs with leftover food as it is less expensive. But keep in mind that spoiled food is not good for your dogs. Neither is some human food.

You do not need to buy expensive ingredients, and you do not need to prepare plenty. Remember you are feeding a small dog, which also has a small intestine.

A recipe that you can try is a mix of steamed chicken, carrots, and apple. Keep away from soy, wheat, and corn as these ingredients tend to trigger allergens. 

A little reminder, though, don’t forget to consult your vet before serving homemade dog food. 


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