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Charlene’s Chi Story of Dusty

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Charlene Reeves Lewis1


We had our Maggie for 2 yrs and wasn’t actually looking for another dog and then I saw this tiny little face on “One Man’s Junk” looking for a new home. It said free dog to a good home. He’s deaf and we just don’t have the time for him.

Charlene Reeves Lewis2

I commented asking if he was a chi and that he was cute and wished them luck. They pulled up my profile and saw all the pics of my Maggie and begged me to take him and I did. He was already 10 months old.

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2 weeks after we got him we lost my 13 yr old cat that was my Maggie’s best friend so she took some time but she eventually warned up to him. She still gets jealous and demands that she be top dog but you can tell she loves him.

Charlene Reeves Lewis4

He’s been part of our family for almost 2 yrs now. And I thank God that I said yes.

Charlene Reeves LewisMy Dusty attached to me the moment they put him in my arms. And will actually wake my husband up some days crying when I leave for work. And he has to be wherever I am when I am home which I don’t mind at all.

My hubby gets a little upset because both babies spend the entire day on the couch watching the door when I’m working even if he’s home.

Charlene Reeves Lewis