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Chihuahuas Sharing a Carrot

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Louie and Gigi the Chihuahuas love eating carrots. Gigi begs for a taste when Louie is eating his.

Julie Cameron

Saturday 18th of September 2021

Dear Cathy, Thank you for sharing your videos with us, I do so enjoy watching them, and all the information you impart, I find invaluable.

Can you tell me if it is a thing with Chis to become constipated frequently, Heidi, my chi seems to be constipated on a regular basis, not all the time, but fairly often, she has Inflamatroy bowel disease, and is on special dietary food, I buy from the Vet, and cannot have treats or any other food, so I am very careful not to drop anything on the floor, although in saying that, she is not really the vacuum cleaner type of dog looking for tidbits other than her regular food.

It is hard too, because she so loves roast lamb, and I used to give her the bone from a Leg of lamb, and it was very funny watching her drag a bone, larger than herself, around till she found somewhere she wanted to be, to lay down and gnaw on the bone.

Thank you again, Kind regards, Julie Cameron.


Saturday 18th of September 2021

No, it's not that normal. Ask your vet if you can add probiotics to her diet. You just sprinkle it on their food every day and it really helps with gut issues.