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Having Fun Swimming? Or Not

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Is this little guy having fun swimming with his family or just trying not to drown?

Alpianshutsa Exotlopnari

Friday 5th of March 2021

She or he DOESN'T like it.He was trying to SURVIVE.Do NOT endanger your chi's LIFE for a VIDEO. Let them go in by THEMSELF and use a VERY SHALLOW pool so that your chi doesn't DROWN.

Tonia Ashley

Thursday 21st of January 2016

Nope. He didn't like it & was not having fun. We made sure all 5 of our Chihuahuas could swim, but they really just don't like it. However, they love to sit on the kids lap on the float and just drift around in the sun.

Julie McKay Wilkinson

Wednesday 23rd of July 2014

To have him 'swim' for a couple seconds to cool off is one thing. To repeatedly have him in the water is going too far. He was doing his best to get to the edge to get out but of course he was unable to get out. Poor baby. Alma is correct. They didn't give him even enough time to catch his breath. He didn't appear to feel safe on the raft either.They put their 'enjoyment' ahead of the chi's comfortability.

Alma Atkinson

Tuesday 22nd of July 2014

His facial expression was that of dread at the first when he knew they were going to put him in the water. when he was on the pink mat she said.. "When he thinks he's gonna fall, he'll jump.' when the pink matt neared the side she said " he's gonna jump, other girl said 'he tried that before' he's gonna hang by his front paws' Does that sound like he enjoys swimming? when he was placed on the ground he went for the house. He did not run back to the girl and beg to go back in. All indications that he was not a volunteer in this video.

Alma Atkinson

Tuesday 22nd of July 2014

The dog was doing what he needed to survive. He was NOT enjoying it. He was not given enough time between swims to catch his breath before they dumped him in again. I did not see him climb the ladder and jump in so it was not his choice. Yes, he can swim. It was either that or DIE. I felt very sorry for the poor pup. Some folks will endanger whatever they must to get a video on the internet.