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Kelly’s Chihuahua Story of Faline

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NOTE FROM CATHY: I have heard how dogs can actually smell when we are sick and have even found cancer in people. Kelly’s story proves this is true.

Kelly and her Chihuahua FalineThis is my story of how a tiny Chihuahua saved my heart ❤ and my eyesight. I was a single mom of a 9 yr old girl, divorced and sad, grieving the loss of my dad.

Faline entered my life when I needed her the most. I was just looking at the pet store window, because puppies made me happy  and my daughter was at her dads for the week, so I decided to take a look. There were 20 or so chihuahuas and I see 1 that had a hernia scar, tiny and the worker said she was probably going back to the breeder.

I knew what that meant so I bought her. I didn’t have the money but I had to save her. That was the day my life began and my smiles came back. To me… after break ups, money problems, single mom woes; I had my daughter and my Faline, so all would be okay.

Falina the Chihuahua
It was about 9 years ago when Faline started to smell my eyes and cry and practically whine and scratch at my face. It was funny but she got angry. After a few months I accompanied my mom to the eye doctor. I wanted reading glasses. During my exam, the doctor seemed worried and performed a glaucoma test 3 times. My pressure in both eyes  was 74, and a normal number is 17-20. I needed surgery immediately. I was only 40.

If I waited another week, I would have woken up blind. He said I was very lucky and I said I had a tiny guardian angel named Faline. She continued to smell my eyes but no crying. So i knew I was fine.

We had an unbelievable bond. She is gone from my life now but she will always be my savior, hero, rescuer and heart ❤.

Falina the Chihuahua
Kelly Aynes


Friday 4th of November 2016

Kelly. I saw your picture in dachshunds are funny, and shared it. I admit, I clicked on your page to see if there were any more pictures of that dog. Then I saw the story. It is amazing and just a testament to how dogs are truly our best friends. So glad you found this Chihuahua who saved your sight.


Wednesday 3rd of February 2016

miss mine also,,,


Wednesday 3rd of February 2016

what a beautiful story,,GOD blessed you with this gift of love to save you,,amen


Tuesday 2nd of February 2016

Faline was a very loved dog whose mother provided her with so much love. This little baby had a WONDERFUL life. God bless people like Kelly!!!!!


Monday 1st of February 2016

What a beautiful story xxx


Monday 1st of February 2016

I agree Kylea!