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Laura’s Story of Hershey and Weinie

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LauraThat’s my Hershey laying under his best friend in the world and adopted surrogate doggie momma Weinie’s favorite blanket that she loved to lay on when she made her way here to her home away from home every day at 7:30 A.M sharp LOL!!!!

Weinie was a little Dachshund that thought she was 30 feet tall!!! My Mother-In-Law said she’d been coming over every day since she and my Father-In-Law moved in 10 yrs ago! I met her 3 years ago when I moved in and we became the best of friends!! She attached right away to my hip!!

She was such an inspiration and a real life preserver through a lot of hard times!!! She was there for me when my mom died 2 years ago and when my husband Philip had to go out of state to train for a Border Patrol job for 3 months!! She stayed here those whole 3 months!!!


I think in the middle of the night she would wander home for a little while.

When Hershey showed up literally on our front porch, she took right to him. She showed him how to be a puppy. They were inseparable. They were quite the pair. They spent a year and a half together.

I last saw Weinie on New Years Eve during the day until about 3:00 p.m. I went to the Library because they were closing early and I knew they would be closed through the holiday, and I really needed some reading material. I had the weirdest feeling, and I just couldn’t shake it!!!!

Weinie  didn’t come around at all that night, even after Hershey went to the entrance of Weinie’s farm that connected to the field next to us calling for her like he usually did when he wanted her to come back out hang out all night and bring her in to spend the night lol!!! We finally gave up on sending her home, because Hershey would call her, and they’d be tip-toeing in LOL!

We didn’t see her Friday, and deep in my heart I had that nagging feeling (Weinie, and I had a real connection) I sound ready for Looney Tune ville on the Looney Tune train, but I could communicate with Weinie. She had started to tell me five days prior that she was leaving, but I refused to listen, and got agitated etc

Saturday came, and went. Sunday Morning I called Mr. Billingsley and left a message that we hadn’t seen Weinie  in three days and we were just concerned, even though I already knew in my heart of hearts the answer. He finally called back. My Mother In Law came to my room holding back tears, and I said “she’s gone just like I knew isn’t she?” Debbie hugged me and said “I’m so sorry, but Weinie didn’t make it”.


I got so angry!!! What happened was Weenie came out of her house barking like she usually does when someone’s on her property. The guy that was on her lot was drunk and was going extremely fast and ran completely over her. Her daddy took her to the vet immediately. The vet said her spine was shattered!!! Mr. Billingsley had no choice but to euthanize her.

I’m still heartbroken!!! I still cry!! Hershey took it hard!!! He couldn’t understand where Weinie was!!! He would mope, and wait. He’d go to the entrance of the farm, and call for her, and cry, and just sit and wait a long time, and go back and forth several times a day, and night.

He’d come in and mope and looked like he lost a part of himself which in a way he did. He never got over it!!! He took to sleeping on, and under Weinie’s favorite blanket. I thought, and hoped in time his pain would ease. Weinie was all he knew!! It’s like he just didn’t know what to do or act without her. He lost his knowledge of being a dog!!

He started to spend more, and more time looking, and waiting. He even got his girlfriend dog Emma next door and his new little Cock A Poo side kick in on looking for and waiting for Weinie.I tried with all I had and  with my knowledge of communicating with animals to explain to Hershey that Weinie had crossed The Rainbows Bridge. Hershey either didn’t comprehend or just didn’t want to face it that Weinie was gone!!!

I do know he fed off of my emotions also. I miss Weinie so much!!! I just hope she knows how much I love her, and miss her!!! I’m kind of lost like Hershey. Weinie was my inspiration, and my confidant, and my best friend. My little guardian my rock, and shelter from and through the storm!!! If you think I’m nuts I’ll truly understand because a lot of people do. I do have a gift from God of communicating and healing animals. I have been able to help find lost pets whether the outcome is happy or tragic. I hated it when Weinie told me she’d be leaving me!!! It’s driving me insane that I can’t see through the fog of my own loss.

Hershey was out in the driveway with my husband then out of nowhere he let out a really sorrowful cry!!! A cry that Philip had never heard before!! It wasn’t a physical pain cry, but more of a mournful cry Philip said. He ran towards the farm just crying and yelping, and we never saw him again! I have prayed that God would bring him home safe and sound but God’s answer to my prayer wasn’t the same as my wish. I will never give up hope!!!

My gut instinct tells me Hershey is alive somewhere. I just hope that he’s happy and loved  and wanted!!! I asked God to please heal Hershey’s heart. Please help him to go on without Weinie whatever it takes.

To the world Hershey  and Weinie may have only been dogs, but to me they were the world!!!!