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Make Fitness Fun and Easy and an Introduction to #PinnacleHealthyPets

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make fitness fun and easy

I am so lucky to live in a beautiful resort area-Virginia Beach, Virginia!

Virginia Beach Virginia

And I absolutely love this time of year. It’s still warm enough to swim (the water feels like bath water!) and the beach isn’t as nearly as crowded as it was a month ago.

Many of the tourists have left and we locals get to reclaim our beach. That also means we can now bring our dogs to the beach!

Since January, I have lost 50 pounds. I still have more to lose but for someone who up to now, never could lose more than a few pounds without gaining it back, I am so grateful I discovered what works for me.

I have found that I need to exercise every day and for me to be able to stick to it, I have to do something fun. So I swim 4-6 times a week and also walk a lot. I do other fun activities too whenever I get the chance.

I’m not only taking care of my health though, I have been focusing on keeping my fur kids healthy too.

Buddy and roxy by ocean

This is Roxy and Buddy. They are senior citizens but don’t tell them that. They love to run all over the beach and play in the surf. Buddy had a serious illness several years ago and he almost died but he’s healthy now! Both of them are.

Kilo in sand

This is my problem child Kilo. She’s also a senior, but she hates any kind of exercise. No romping on the beach for her!

Kilo by me

This is where Kilo wants to stay all the time, right by me, and preferably in my arms. As you can see, she’s quite the chunky monkey. She has lost a little weight, and she would lose a lot more, if family members would stop feeding her treats, but that’s another story.

She (and I) are a work in progress.

Shannon and dogs

Here is my oldest child Shannon playing with the bigger dogs in the water.

kilo by water

This was as close as I could get Kilo to the water.

My point is, we all had a fun day at the beach (even Kilo) and even though Kilo didn’t do as much as the bigger dogs, she got some good quality exercise just by walking in the sand.

Not only do I find a way to do some fun exercise every day, I also am doing the low carb thing with an emphasis on lots of fresh veggies and high quality proteins. No grains, no sugar. It’s easy for me to stick to and is working for me.

I am careful about what I feed my dogs too. Pet nutrition is so important in keeping my babies healthy and happy for many more years to come.

I prefer to feed them a grain free dog food made with quality ingredients here in the USA.


So I was excited to hear about Pinnacle® brand of dog food. It meets all my requirements and more!

Pinnacle is made with quality ingredients in California. It has high quality proteins, fiber, antioxidants and promotes general joint health.

My dogs haven’t actually tried their food yet but soon will and I will report back on whether they liked it or not. I’m betting they probably will with the natural ingredients in Pinnacle’s food.

Pinnacle dog food

If you’d like to try it too, you can buy Pinnacle online here:

or find a store that sells it near you here:

If you do try it, let me know what you think! Oh, and check them out on Facebook too.



Wednesday 23rd of September 2015

Wow! I think that is awesome that you were able to take charge of your health and make such great improvements. That is something I'm working on. As I've started to become more conscious of what I eat, I'm also thinking more about what my dogs eat. I'm excited for my dog to try Pinnacle's grain free food.


Wednesday 23rd of September 2015

Thanks Beth! I'm looking forward to my dogs trying Pinnacle too.