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Male vs. Female Chihuahua Dogs

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Are you planning on adopting a Chihuahua? You would be surprised at how big of a heart and
personality these tiny dogs can have.

2 chihuahuas in green sweaters

Deciding whether to get a male or a female Chihuahua requires some consideration, though.
While they’re of the same breed, there are some differences between male and female

You’re in the right place if you’re aiming to find out the differences before deciding.

Male Chihuahuas can grow taller and are more affectionate and protective. They’re also
fast learners. Female Chihuahuas are calmer and less aggressive yet a bit more difficult
to train.

Need more info to help you decide which Chihuahua gender is the perfect fit for you and your
family? We’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive right in!

Which Chihuahua Gender Should You Get?

Chihuahuas are popular lapdogs and are known to be the smallest dog breed. They’re also
referred to as ‘purse dogs,’ as they can literally fit in your purse.

We can see the charm and excitement in getting one but choosing between a male and a
female can be tricky.

Here are some comparisons to help you decide which gender to get:

Male vs. Female Chihuahua Dogs Growth (Size and Height)

It can be hard to tell a male Chihuahua from a female Chihuahua at birth. Since they don’t have
many differences in appearance and size, your best bet is to check their sex organs (Captain Obvious here).

The male Chihuahua can take the crown on which gender can grow slightly taller. An average
male Chihuahua can grow as tall as 5-9 inches. An average female Chihuahua usually can only grow
up to 4-7 inches.

The height difference may not be that much, but every inch counts. As for average weight, both
genders are equal, with around 2-6 pounds.

Male vs. Female Chihuahua Dogs Personality

2 chihuahuas wearing clothes

Chihuahuas are loyal and energetic companions in general. Even so, a dog’s personality is
always subjective depending on how they were raised and treated.

Be that as it may, you can spot distinct differences in traits between the male and the female.

A male Chihuahua’s distinct personalities include:
● Clingier and more affectionate
● Are generally more cheerful
● Can be more sensitive and insecure at times
● Can be equally attached to all family members
● Tends to be more protective

A female Chihuahua’s distinct personalities include:
● Independent and less needy
● Calmer and generally quieter
● Tends to give priority to one person only (in most cases, the owner)
● Can be indifferent to other family members
● Reacts less aggressively to strangers

Remember that these traits are subjective and may not always be accurate every time. Dogs are individuals. How you raise your dog still plays the biggest role in developing their personality. And just like humans, some chihuahuas have different personality traits than others.

Male vs. Female Chihuahua Dogs Training

Training your Chihuahua on behaving and interacting with others goes a long way. It’s a vital
part of a dog’s growth that all breeds should have access to.

As much as Chihuahuas are known as the smallest breed, they tend to act like big dogs. This
makes training all the more important to keep them from getting hurt.

Male Chihuahua Training

chihuahua boy wearing hat

Male Chihuahuas are more clingy and cheerful. As such, they might mistake training for
playtime with their owners.

The male Chihuahua’s playfulness might also cause them to get more distracted. Training them
might require a bit more patience.

Female Chihuahua Training

Female Chihuahuas can be easier to train since they can focus better and get less distracted.
They take the cake when it comes to focusing on a task.

It’s best to stick with short and productive training sessions with female Chihuahuas, as you
might lose their attention during longer training sessions.

They also don’t get as motivated as male Chihuahuas. Encouraging them with treats or petting
may not be as effective.

Male vs. Female Chihuahua Dogs Maturity (Physical, Emotional, and

Male Chihuahuas physically mature quicker than female Chihuahuas. You’re likely to see a
male Chihuahua’s body develop faster in a shorter period of time.

Male Chihuahuas are a bit slow on emotional maturity, though. This is likely rooted in them
being more playful than female Chihuahuas.

Female Chihuahuas, to no surprise, sexually mature slower than male Chihuahuas.

As with other breeds, you should have your male Chihuahuas wait until they are a year old to mate and 2 years old for a female.

But they are able to mate at a much younger age. They can reproduce as young as 6 to 9 months so to avoid any accidents, do be aware of this. female puppy getting pregnant ay such a young age could be detrimental to her health.

Male vs. Female Chihuahua Dogs Health Issues

When it comes to health issues, both genders of the Chihuahua are equal. The only thing that
could likely set them apart is gender-based health issues such as:
● Cryptorchidism (male)
● Prostate cancer (male)
● Mammary cancer (female)
● Heat-related discharge (female)
● Hormonal-related shedding (female)

You’re likely to encounter these issues with unneutered and unspayed Chihuahuas. You may
want to discuss neutering or spaying with your vet and decide at what age would it be appropriate to have it done.

Breed-related issues are also worth watching out for, as both genders can have them. Common
health issues for Chihuahuas include:
● Patella luxation
● Tracheal collapse
● Stomach illnesses (due to sensitive stomachs)
● Epilepsy and seizure
● Dental problems
● Heart disease

Chihuahuas are generally healthy dogs, but there’s no reason to slack off in supervision.
Remember that prevention is always better than cure!


2 long hair chihuahuas in grass

Chihuahuas have always been known as tiny dogs with huge personalities, and there’s a good
reason for that.

There’s no real winner between the two genders, as both are equally adorable. It all depends on
your preference. If you’re still undecided, just trust your instincts!

blond woman holding white chihuahua

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Thursday 15th of June 2023

I have a male and he is the sweetest, fun, & most loving animal I've ever experienced!!!

I appreciate all your info and tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cathy Bendzunas

Thursday 15th of June 2023

Thanks Karen!