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Maria’s Chihuahua Story

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Sussie the Chihuahua
My name is Maria from Toa Baha, PuertoRico, my chi’s name is Sussie.

She’s very special to me, because she came to my life and the next day my momma died.

Maria and Sussie the Chi

I was very sad, but when I saw Sussie, I knew that I had a little person to care for, to love, and to protect, because she’s very small. It was love at first moment. (She used to suck my ear to sleep).

Maria and Sussie the Chi

Thanks for reading Marie’s short story about her Sussie! This story is shorter than what I’d like, but I thought it was so sweet of how Sussie helped Maria with the loss of her mother, that I had to publish it.

I would love to publish your story about your Chihuahua.  Email it to me at and include at least one photo. Put Chi Story in the headline. Thanks!

Turtle Riding Chihuahua
Turtle Riding Chihuahua
white chihuahua outside
Her Owners Moved and Left Her Behind