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Michael’s Chi Story

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Michael Johnson

I just wanted to share a pic of my 2 new babies that were rescues from a shelter. My girls names are Sasha and Chiquita(Chichi).

Michael Johnson1

Their previous owner had to give them up due to a terminal illness that prevented her from taking care of them. When I found them at the shelter the employees said that since they had gone thru so much already that they weren’t willing to separate them so they had to go as a set.

Michael Johnson2

I myself had just gone thru lots of change since I just left a relationship and the Chi that was in our house belonged to my ex so there was definitely a need for some paws in my house. I had to have them!

Michael Johnson3

They adjusted to their new happy home very quickly and we are living our happily ever after.

Michael Johnson

Tuesday 25th of September 2018

Good for you and lucky for them to stay together! They r a wonderful true companion breed. My little girl goes with me everywhere, work, family gathering, planes and even vacations. My better half! Enjoy your wee ones!


Wednesday 4th of May 2016

Was wondering if these chi babies live in Louisiana or came from a rescue from Louisiana? Can contact me and will tell you the whOle story. Looks a lot like my Jazzy that got lost from her home. Babies are beautiful.