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My First Ever Pet Bloggers Conference

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Cathy and baby rat

Cathy and baby therapy rat. He belongs to Abby from

I am still in Phoenix as I write this. I’m taking the red eye tonight at 11pm to go home to Virginia Beach.

This was my first BlogPaws conference which is a conference for pet bloggers. It was a long way to come for this and the entire trip was not cheap. I did pay for the conference ticket and the plane tickets last year (before Kilo developed serious health problems). And I had 2 friends come out with me (they did the vacation thing while I was in the conference) and we all shared a hotel room so that really helped cut down that expense. Also BlogPaws fed us very well so I didn’t have to worry about paying for food.

It was held at the beautiful Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa in Chandler Arizona (outside of Phoenix). Yes it’s been hot here but I’d take a 112 degree day here over a 90 degree day in Virginia Beach any day. Dry heat is much more comfortable than humid heat.

Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa

I came out here specifically to learn some new things in the classes, to meet people that I have only known online, and to network with other pet bloggers.

As an introvert, it’s hard for me to be in large crowds and to talk to lots of strangers. I’m fine one on one with people, but not so much with large groups of people. Can anyone relate? So I didn’t really network as much as I wanted but I did meet some new people. I did also learn some new things so this trip was a success.

It was fun too. I specially enjoyed the red carpet walk on the last night of the conference. People and their fur kids walked down the aisle and had all of us bystanders take photos of them like they were celebrities. I didn’t do the walk since I didn’t bring any of my dogs but I did take lots of photos! See some of the animals and their parents below

blogpaws 2016
Here is a photo of me and my two teacher buddies who came to Phoenix with me:
Marti Cathy Pat
I have lots of other photos but that’s enough for now. I do hope I can go to BlogPaws 2017 which will be held in Myrtle Beach SC. I’m so glad for that since it’s an about 5-6 hour drive and so similar to Virginia Beach, I will feel right at home.

Have you ever been to a conference? If so, I’d love to hear your experience!
Cathy signature Chi


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