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Sammie’s Chihuahua Story

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Skamp the chihuahua

Skamp was born December 14th, 2008 and he was a gift from a friend. He loves to play keep away with stuffed animals. When we throw it, he brings it back but just out of our reach. He wants us to steal it and throw it again. He has us well trained.

He would bark when my brother-in-law who had Parkinson’s and dementia, would try to get out of his chair. He learned that my brother in law was not suppose to get out of his chair without help.

He brings a lot of love and pleasure to my husband and me. As soon as Wheel of Fortune is over, he starts telling me it’s time to cook supper. He will bark and follow me to the kitchen. He will return to Larry until he hears me putting ice in the glasses.

The photo above is my daughter Carmen Cook with my  Skamp. He loves to ride in the scarf with her. He tolerates it with me. He must trust her more.
Sammie Montgomery