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Smiling Chihuahuas

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Time for another Gallery Post! Today, I thought I would lift your spirits by showing you 30 photos of Smiling Chihuahuas.  Does your dog smile? It’s simply adorable to see a smiling dog.

I will show whatever details I know about these dogs and their parents.


smiling Chihuahuas

I don’t know the names of these two pretty long hair Chihuahuas, but they belong to Kelly Marie Watson.


smiling Chihuahua dog

I don’t know the name of this Chi either but it’s cute how she (or he) has the crystals on their head. This Chihuahua belongs to Shealee Dragoo.


Roxie the ChihuahuaRoxie is striking a beautiful pose, isn’t she? Her mom is Felicia Ramirez.


Smilliń Miss Millie the ChihuahuaThis cutie patootie is Smilliń Miss Millie the Chihuahua. She belongs to Felicia Ramirez, who also own Roxie in the photo above.

smiling ChihuahuaThe quality of this photo isn’t great but I just love that smile so I had to include it. This Chihuahua is owned by Ana Vizcarra.


Penny the ChihuahuaPenny is the perfect name for this copper colored Chi isn’t it? And she’s smiling so pretty for you. She is loved by Renee Robinson.


Lily the ChihuahuaLily has a sort of zen Mona Lisa smile on her face.  I think she’s meditating. Her mom is

Zelia Cook.

smiling ChihuahuaI don’t know the name of this little Chi but I bet she is smiling because she is going for a car ride. She belongs to Emily Hoskins.

 Skippy the 2 legged ChihuahuaSkippy is a 2 legged Chihuahua and belongs to Kelli Ann Dee. What a nice smile!


Smiling ChihuahuaJessica Cox owns this little Chihuahua but I don’t know the Chi’s name. Adorable!


Presley the ChihuahuaPresley sure looks happy. Do you think it’s because he’s at the beach? His mom is Sally Silis.


Cheezin the Chihuahua Cheezin is trying to show that she has a bigger smile than her “twin” here. She belongs to
Amanda Crawford White.


smiling ChiI don’t know who owns this little Chihuahua but the owner is Natasha Samantha Rankin. Love that cute little face!


smiling ChihuahuaI don’t know anything about this little Chi except that they are owned by Sandy Daniel. Maybe this Chihuahua is smiling because he or she has money.


smiley ChihuahuaThis little guy seems quite happy to sit on the floor in the car. Cute smile! The pet parent is  Myriam Willey.


smiley chiAnother copper colored Chi, but this one is a long haired Chihuahua with a slight smile and belongs to Nicole Castillo.


smiley ChihuahuaI love how happy and bright eyed this little dog looks. And that’s some impressive tonguege going on.  I don’t know the name of the dog but he or she belongs to Cecilia Aiello.


Rita the ChihuahuaLovely little Rita has such a sweet smile! It kind of reminds me of Mona Lisa’s smile. And look at that little tongue peaking through. So adorable! She belongs to Carla Cox.


Princess the ChihuahuaPrincess is giving you a pretty smile here. She is loved by Shirene Scribner.


Chloe Marie the ChihuahuaChloe Marie is peeking around her stuffed doggy and giving a shy smile. She belongs to Rose Salinas.


Chico the ChihuahuaChico is showing his pearly whites for you. His mom is Destiny Ahaus.


Lily the ChihuahuaDoesn’t Lily have a nice smile? She looks like a happy little Chi. She belongs to Kathleen Eckhart King.


Bandyt the ChihuahuaBandyt has a sly kind of smile here. Actually I think the sun is just in his eyes. He’s a cutie! He belongs to Heather Rose.


Chi Chi the ChihuahuaChi Chi is enjoying the sun in this photo. Unfortunately she has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She was loved by Mary Ellen Matthews.


Trixi the ChihuahuaThis happy little girl is named Trixi and she belongs to Carrie Craig.


Rogue the ChihuahuaJaimie Traenkner says this is Rogue giving his Good Morning smile. I’d love to wake up to this cute face every morning, wouldn’t you?


smiling ChihuahuaBobbi Snyder’s cute little long hair Chihuahua looks like she is having a good time here.


white smiling ChihuahuaWhat a pretty white Chihuahua. The pet parent is Paige Shaw.


belly rubsSissie White says her little girl just had a belly rub here. Which is probably why she is smiling.


Mindy Brewer's ChihuahuaMindy Brewer’s Chihuahua looks pretty happy here. I’m loving the paw print blanket.


Well that’s it for this gallery post. Hope you enjoyed the smiling Chihuahuas! Which one is your favorite?




Sandra Alexander

Saturday 5th of March 2022

They are all so cute. I have 2 chi myself never a dull moment and lot of laughs and love. My one chi Rocky is 12 yrs old like to curl up close beside you so he can touch you. My other chi is 6 yr old like to sit on your lap so you can keep her warm. Love these little ones. They are always ready to give and get love

Sarah Ann Higgins

Wednesday 6th of October 2021

Oh my goodness!!!! This really put a smile on my face!!! I love to see doggie smiles❤️😘❤️


Wednesday 6th of October 2021

Yeah it's hard not to smile when looking at those cuties!

Faye Brentnell

Saturday 6th of June 2020

Dove's smiling happy face


Saturday 6th of June 2020

Sorry Faye, Dove's photo didn't make it through. The plugin I use to allow photos is no longer working so I just deleted it. I'd love to see Dove's smiling face though so feel free to email it to me at if you want.

Faye Brentnell

Monday 2nd of March 2020

My happy smiling Dove


Monday 2nd of March 2020

What a great smile!

Dixie Greschuk

Saturday 29th of February 2020

Thanks for all the wonderful pics of such beautiful chis!! I always laugh when I see the photo gallery. CHIS RULE!!!!


Saturday 29th of February 2020

You're welcome Dixie!