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Stephanie’s Chihuahua Story

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Nelly the Chihuahua

This is my Chi puppy Nelly. She is super friendly, loves to kiss EVERY THING, she’s very playful and is just my everything.

I worked at the humane society in the behavior department when I was 16, which is when I met Nelly. She was 7 months old and she had gotten surgery on her left knee.

Her owners couldn’t afford the bills and gave her up to the shelter. I worked one on one with Nelly, exercising her legs to make sure she was able to find her forever home.

I instantly fell in love with her and wanted to adopt her but the medical team wasn’t sure if she needed more surgery or her leg removed. On the bright side she didn’t need anything else and I was told she would walk with a limp but be a happy, healthy dog.

I took her home on August 24th 2014 and she hasn’t limped since. She is very special to me and always brightens my day.

Just thought id share Nelly’s story with you Chi pals.

Stephanie Cronin‎

Shirley Jennings

Monday 6th of August 2018

Miley's story In Dec 2010 my chi (almost 15 years) had to be put down because of cancer one of the hardest things I've ever done. I did not know at the same time Dec 2010 a chi was being born who would one day be mine In Dec 2011 I told my son living in another state I wanted another chi Being a minster visiting in a home he heard about Miley He said I already know where one is He gave me the e mail address I got in touch with the owner . Because of some circumstances she needed to give her away said I could have Miley after several e mails We picked her up on Feb 17 2012 At first Miley was very upset She actually cried a lot (her other home had 2 children plus 2 other dogs) She grieved for them I just showed her lots and lots and lots of love plus put her in bed with me Her first love was for me She began to protect me Then made friends with the other family members Now she is a happy family members P S Can you post this without her picture or maybe use my profile picture I'm 76 and don't know how 2 send a picture with this e mail If not I will try 2 find someone who will take her picture and send it Feel free 2 edit this


Monday 6th of August 2018

Hi Shirley, Great story! Yes, I do need at least one photo. I'd be glad to use your profile photo. Are you the Shirley that lives in Danville VA? (My grandparents lived there and my grandfather ran the electricity for the town for many years).


Saturday 16th of May 2015

THIS was a very touching story. and I really loved it. my parents have a CHIHUAHUA AND she is very nice, but when one of the family members comes into the house, she starts off BARKING like crazy, I have never ever seen her SNAP at any one. she is very nice to my sister & Brother in law. but she has this one bad habit of barking when she shouldn't be barking.


Saturday 16th of May 2015

Yep that's a common problem with Chis. They love to bark.