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Susan’s Chi Story

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Susan ThomasMy Chi is Penelope, but I call her PP for short…lol.

PP came to me as a surprise from my boyfriend in 8/14. He knew I always wanted a small dog. (At this time I had an 80lb Springer Spaniel and a 120 pound deaf Pitbull).

I was very angry when he brought her to me. He is not allowed to have pets and worked with a gentleman who was going to take her to the shelter or ____ her 🙁 because his girlfriend moved to another state and left her here.

Susan Thomas1

So PP at 4.2 pounds fit right in with the big boys and 5 cats 🙁

The vet said she was 15 months old, she got all her vaccinations, and went into heat within 1 week of being HOME! I waited the 2 weeks and got her fixed.

Susan Thomas2

Unfortunately, I lost my deaf Monster in 10/14, so God had his plans and I will never live my life without another Chi!!

James Allen Hitt

Sunday 17th of September 2017

PP and my SophieJo could be twins!


Sunday 17th of September 2017

Wow, she does look like PP!