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The Day in the Life of Megan the Chihuahua

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This was a fun watch! A day in the life of this cutie pie named Megan. If the video looks like a blank screen, just click on it to start it.

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Wednesday 1st of July 2015

Wednesday 6th of March 2019

Chi’s may look fragile but in truth the are tough. My girl gets a taste of ice cream for her birthday every year. Megan is apparently loved and loves her owners. She is a confident little girl and likes doing things with her owner. So give this a break and enjoy the video for what it was intended. Not to be stripped down and taken apart.


Saturday 20th of December 2014

Please don't let Megan lick at chocolate ice cream! She's too small for her body to handle sugar or caffeine! And we know how bad chocolate is for dogs. And please keep her on a leash when outside! Please don't roller skate with her! Did you see how fast she was having to walk to keep up with you? She's too small! Plus be careful at the beach she doesn't lick you when you have sunblock on. Same for drinking out of your hands! Sunscreen can make them violently ill! Balloons are also bad for small dogs! They can pop and if they swallow a small piece it can get lodged in their throat and suffocate them. It's obvious you love her. Please take better care of her!


Saturday 20th of December 2014

I wouldn't let her have chocolate if she were my dog Topaz. I know better than anyone the dangers of chocolate as we lost a Beagle a few years back to it (he stole the chocolate off the countertop, we don't know it until too late). This is a video from You Tube that I picked because I liked it. I don't know Megan or her pet parent.