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The Story of Boo

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I’m Cathy and this is the most wonderful sweetest comical little chihuahua I have ever seen. 

Boo the chihuahua puppy making a mess

I just love my lil’ Boo so much. He has brought me from being in tears and turning them to tears of joy.

He knows me and he knows when to turn on the comedy and when to go and play with his toys while mommy rests. He knows when it’s treat time. He is unbelievably smart !!

And he is not at all scared of my dad’s boxer-lab mix and they play everyday. He is on the very shy, timid side when anyone other then my dad comes by. He will hide but when he sees me sitting beside my friend on the couch then he must feel secure and knows I’m right there to protect him.

woman holding a chihuahua

I could not have asked for a better little boy then I have. His name is Boo and he will be a year old in March. He is a purebred long haired Chi and the love of my life. 

Thank you for letting me get that all out there.
I brag about him to everyone and I get a lot of compliments on how smart he is. Which makes me very proud because it tells me I’m right on the ball with his training. He loves doing tricks for a treat.

I just love this little guy so much. It’s like God made him just for me. I suffer from clinical depression and anxiety and he has helped me through it. When I am crying, he actually turns on his comical charm and when he is tired, he goes on his bed plays with his toys quietly.

black and white chihuahua puppy

He just loves doing tricks for his treats but he will only eat his treats if I hand feed him like a baby. He is a huge kissy-face.

He never ever leaves my side when we go next door to my dad’s. He is so attached to me that he would rather go home. When I am working, I bring him to my dad’s house but he stays for about 15 minutes and  then runs back home.

This is his home and he has it decorated and set up just the way he wants it. He actually gets a bit of anxiety I think if I move something around. Who needs a man when you have a chi. We are completely attached to each other.

sandra bradshaw

Wednesday 3rd of August 2022

A heartwarming story and lovely photos of you and Boo, these little sweeties give you so much in return for everything you give to them.


Tuesday 25th of June 2019

Neat story - we have a Chi that could be Boos twin...


Tuesday 25th of June 2019

Then I bet your chi is adorable Tom.

Tuesday 26th of March 2019

That is a lovely little story very similar to my own..My Bonnie has also been the comfort needed and the total companion..they really are a blessing..Best wishes to you and your little Boo...

Bonnie Snyder

Saturday 23rd of March 2019

This is the most heart warming story I have heard in a very long time God Bless You & Boo, always hold him close. Ther is no greater love than having a furry baby. Love t0 you & Boo, Bonnie & Taco

Catherine Haywood

Saturday 23rd of March 2019

Hello Bonnie n Taco Thank you for a wonderful message Nobody knows the joy a furbaby can bring If you show how much u love them they will show that love back by 10 X And they r right Chis are a different from other dogs They give u everything heart n soul :))))))