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13 Things Only a Chihuahua Owner Understands

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Chihuahua dogs sometimes have a bad reputation but if they are as bad as they are portrayed, why are so many of us crazy for them?

2 chihuahuas in basket in background

I know once I got my first chihuahua, I knew I would always have one. It doesn’t mean I don’t love and have other dog breeds, but there is something special and different about chihuahuas.

Sometimes it seems that chihuahuas are their own breed of animal, completely different from other dogs. But They are dogs. Just funny, quirky, adorable little dogs.

I asked my readers on Facebook what is something only a chihuahua owner would understand and was surprised at the amount of responses. Well over 700 responses, closer to 800! Apparently we as chihuahua pet parents have a lot to say about this subject.

I went through them and made a list and will share with you the most common answers. Most I expected and have experienced with my own chihuahuas. There were a few though that I was surprised was so common with other pet parents.

sleepy chihuahua under orange blanket

1-Chihuahuas Love Burrowing in Blankets

This was the top answer. Chihuahuas, more than any other breed love their blankies and love to burrow in them until you often can’t even tell they are there. That’s why (as so many people pointed out) you have to be very careful before sitting down so you don’t sit on them.

2-Chihuahuas Have Rituals With Their Food

I was surprised at the amount of pet parents that responded with this answer. I know one of my chihuahuas does this (as does my yorkie too) but I didn’t realize it’s such a common thing. The most common ritual is that they pick up one piece of food at a time and carry it to a different room to eat it. 

Another ritual is that they will walk around the bowl one way and then turn around and walk around the bowl the other way before eating. 

I’m sure there are more quirky “food rituals” and if your dog does one, let us know in the comments. I’m sure we would all love to hear about it.

3-Personality Plus

For such tiny little dogs, chihuahuas have strong personalities. Your home will never be dull with a chihuahua around. I love seeing how different each of my dog’s personality is and how much fun they are to have around.

funny chihuahua with tongue out

4-Chihuahuas Have an Attitude

Well that’s probably an understatement. Chis have no idea that they are the smallest dog breed and think they can take on anyone or anything. I think they should change the phrase “Napoleon Complex” to “Chihuahua Complex”.

5-You Will Never Need a Doorbell

Chihuahuas actually make pretty good watch dogs. They may not scare of an intruder but they will definitely let you know about it. They will also let you know if someone is walking by on the sidewalk, or a leaf is blowing across the yard. 

6-Chihuahuas Love to Bark

This kind of goes along with not needing a doorbell. Chihuahuas do love to bark. A lot. It can be annoying and doesn’t help their bad reputation. 

chihuahua barking

7-Chihuahuas are the Ultimate Lap Dog

Chihuahuas love nothing better than to snuggle in the lap of their favorite human. They are great companions. 

8-Chihuahuas are Loyal and Devoted

Chis decide who their human will be and though they may love everyone in a household, there is usually one special person who belongs solely to that chihuahua. At least in their mind that is. 

All dogs are loyal but I had never seen the same degree of loyalty a chihuahua has in any other breed, have you?

Once they decide they love you, you will never have a moment alone again. You will have a constant tiny shadow.

fawn chihuahua under the covers

9-Shivering and Shaking

This seems to be universal among chihuahuas. I haven’t met one yet that doesn’t do it to some degree. And there are different reason for it. Click the link to learn more about why chihuahuas shake and shiver.

10-Chis Tend to Paw at Their Pet Parents

Lucy does this to me a lot but I didn’t realize this was so prevalent among chihuahuas. A lot of chi parents wrote that their chihuahua will slap at them with their paw when they want attention, to be picked up, to be petted or fed, or whatever. 

Lucy does it when she wants me rub her belly with my toes. If I stop, she scratches my ankles until I give in. It definitely lets me know when her nails need trimming.

11-House Training Issues

This was a big one among chihuahua owners and it’s one I hear about every day from readers. House training a chihuahua seems to be harder than with any other breed.

smiling chihuahua with urine stain

12-Chihuahuas can be Demanding

Let’s face it. The dark side of their big personalities is that chis can be demanding. I heard more than once “My chihuahua owns me“.

Chihuahuas can be overly sensitive and get their feelings hurt easily. They love attention. They can be clingy. They can be bossy. They can be aggressive. 

Please notice I said “can“. It’s a generalization. Not all chis are like this but many do have some sort of issue to some degree.

13-Chihuahuas are Love

These little balls of fur are the purest form of love. When they love you, they love you with all their heart, soul and being. I try to be worthy of their love as much as I can.

paw print graphic in purple and turquoise


So what do you think of this list? Can you relate to it? Were any of them a surprise to you?


Sunday 28th of January 2024

This describes my Rosie to a T. I try to be worthy of her devotion.


Saturday 13th of January 2024

My chihuahua demands to get inside my coat when in the car he paws at me until I let him in ,and pull up the zip.. he loves to wash my ears. He likes nothing better than to snuggle up with me in bed at night. He will only eat in his crate. His name is Rufus. He loves to shred my shoe laces might I add only if I am wearing them. But he is so loveable. He loves to be chased round the garden growling.

Cathy Bendzunas

Sunday 14th of January 2024

Rufus sounds like quite the character Sandie!

Ronda Kreusch

Tuesday 9th of January 2024

Once a long, long time ago I used to make fun of Chihuahuas, (sorry Paris) and all Littles. I bought one for my daughter who was going away to college and just had to have one. He was a little cream colored bug eyed big eared fellow. She named him Nacho. Seeing how college housing does not allow pets I was Nachos caretaker. He turned into a handsome gentleman that loved one and all. He hardly barked, did spins in the air for snacks and made the saddest person smile. He loved so hard. It's like he could see to your soul. I believe he had an old soul. After one year my daughter moved home and went to the local college. She came to pick Nacho up to go live with her. I tried to hide the tears welling up and my heart hitting the floor. She returned the next day with Nacho in her arms. She said "Mom he cried for you all night long." Yeah!!! I felt such love and sadness for my daughter. She was devastated but she knew he would remain with me for the rest of his life and she would come visit and cuddle with him anytime. When Nacho was 4 I got a little brown female Chihuahua whom I named Sookie. She was loud, proud and super smart. She was a rat/mouse catching farm girl! Smarter than most humans for sure. She loved hard just like Nacho. Loved going for rides. Riding in cars, tractors, combines, etc. She would bark before we would pull off to any property we farmed. She knew exactly where she was at all times. Nacho passed away 10 years ago and Sookie in January. My heart was destroyed. I still think about them daily. I have 1 other Chihuahua named Piper 5 years old and got a 8 week old little brown girl I named Nova 4 weeks ago. Potty training for all of my Chihuahuas was a breeze. As puppies I take them out immediately when they wake up,after they eat, usually once every hour to 2 hours. They are prey to a lot of different animals and people. I wouldn't recommend letting them out of your sight while outside. (Piper plays volleyball with balloons and will spin in the air before hitting the balloon back to you) Nova waves Hi and bye while sitting up. She is still learning. Each and every Chihuahua loves hard and so should you. Once you have a Chihuahua you never go back!

Cathy Bendzunas

Tuesday 9th of January 2024

Your chis sound awesome! And what is your secret to potty training? Even doing all the things you said you did, most people (including me) struggle with potty training.


Saturday 23rd of December 2023

Our Chi is the sweetest dog we’ve had & shadows us 24/7! It’s unreal how smart she is! As a rescue 4 years ago, we just lucked out getting her! Too many stories to share/just such a blessing for us❤️‼️ All the comments you’ve made are true except about the toilet training because it was a breeze!

Cathy Bendzunas

Saturday 23rd of December 2023

You were lucky that potty training was a breeze. Sounds like you got a gem there.


Saturday 25th of November 2023

Talking of food rituals my fur baby picks up a larger piece of her food brings it into the living room and plays with it like it’s a spider jumping and taping it or pushing it with her nose and then jumping backwards, eventually she’ll eat it.