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This Chi is a Hoarder

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My first chi Kilo tended to do this too (must be a Chi thing) but she was not nearly as bad as this little Chi. So funny! Does you Chihuahua do this too?

Jane Freeman

Saturday 16th of April 2022

I had a scare last December when my 8 1/2 pound Chi Mix, Nike, was discovered chewing a shiny candy wrapper from a 1” diameter mini Reese’s cup. He had swiped it off the table by the couch. He dropped it when I said to And had eaten half of the actual Reese’s cup. All I could think of was “Oh no! Chocolate! And also too much sugar!” But he had no Bad effects—at least that I could see. I had him drink water and eat a small kibble snack. Good lesson for me as a doggie mama.


Saturday 16th of April 2022

I've had a few instances of chocolate and dogs. My terri-poo got ahold of one of my kid's chocolate Easter bunnies. He was sick overnight but was fine the next morning. I didn't even know he had ate it until my daughter was crying that her chocolate bunny was missing the next day. But then, years later, my oldest daughter's beagle apparently climbed up on a 4 foot bar and got ahold of 2 large chocolate bars. He ended up dying. He wasn't sick at all, he just dropped dead. They did an autopsy and found the wrappers in his stomach.