• fireworks featured

    Fireworks, Thunderstorms and Your Dog

    A few years ago, I found a dog running on our street the night of the July 4th holiday. She was terrified. Our SPCA was already closed so I kept […]

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  • Jodi Abbott‎featured

    Time to Say Goodbye to Six Little Chis

    Another sad post   Time to let you all know about the latest Chihuahuas in our community that have left us and gone on to the Rainbow Bridge. All these […]

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  • Black Chihuahua isolated over white background

    How to Train a Shy Chihuahua

    Training the Timid or Shy Chihuahua Chihuahuas are notoriously known as one person dogs. They tend to velcro themselves to a person they bond to, and only tolerate other humans […]

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  • Jim Robinsonfeatured

    Dads and Chihuahuas

    I really enjoyed making this post. I love nothing better than seeing a big ol’ he-man with a tiny little Chihuahua. Who says Chihuahuas aren’t for men? I think all […]

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  • two tiny chihuahuas seemingly in an argument

    Chihuahua Barking

    The Yapping Chihuahua: Helping the Excessive Barker Small breed dogs, especially Chihuahuas are well known for their habits of barking more than their larger brethren. Barking at sounds, people, other […]

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  • Dalton DeSouza‎ featured

    Fawn Chihuahuas

    Chihuahuas come in numerous colors and patterns but the most popular color is Fawn. There are so many variations of this color too from almost red to a cream. I […]

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  • Kelly Zimmerman-Featured

    Kelly’s Chihuahua Story

    My chihuahua Beanie may have saved my life. On May 8th I had been suffering from the flu for a couple days straight and went to the hospital. My left […]

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  • fruit and Chifeatured

    Chihuahuas and Fruit

    Did you know June is National Fresh Fruit Month? It is and there is nothing I love better than a nice juicy orange or a slice of watermelon.  You can […]

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  • Francine Ocello Jackson‎featured

    Funny Chihuahuas

    I hope you enjoy looking at the photos of these funny Chihuahuas as much as I did. You may not find all of them funny. Some of them just struck […]

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  • Chihuahua scratching against white background

    Chihuahua Skin Problems

    Dermal Distress: Common Chihuahua Skin Problems Chihuahuas are naturally made for cuddling close, it seems; what happens, though, when your furry friend has skin problems? Itchy, scaly, scabby, flaky, oozy […]

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  • crazy chifeatured

    Chihuahua Aggression

    Chihuahuas have the unsavory reputation of being yappy, snappy little dogs. The breed as a whole did not create this behavioral cliché all on their own, but the much of […]

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  • portrait of a cute purebred  fatchihuahua in the river

    Weight Issues in your Chihuahua

    Chihuahuas are very popular dogs, but unfortunately what are also popular are obese Chihuahuas. Some people even think that obesity in these dogs is funny or cute and they poke […]

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  • small chihuahua resting on the grass in the summer

    Fleas, Ticks and other Nasties

    Chihuahuas are smaller dogs, both in length and height. They are often more vulnerable to parasite invasions than larger dogs, but parasites can cause a lot of harm in a […]

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  • Chihuahua puppy posing

    Reverse Sneezing In Chihuahuas

    As dog owners, we often fear for the worst when we hear strange noises from our pets – and Chihuahua parents are no exception. If anything, we can tend to […]

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