• Chihuahua scratching against white background

    Chihuahua Skin Problems

    Dermal Distress: Common Chihuahua Skin Problems Chihuahuas are naturally made for cuddling close, it seems; what happens, though, when your furry friend has skin problems? Itchy, scaly, scabby, flaky, oozy […]

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  • Arely León Fonseca‎featured

    Chihuahua of the Week Ending 5-23-15

    Time again for my picks for Chihuahuas of the Week! Check out all the adorable eye candy below and as usual, I include whatever information I know about the dogs […]

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  • Michelle Latta-Maloney featured

    Michelle’s Chihuahua Story

    NOTE FROM CATHY: I received an email in regards to my Chihuahua aggression article from Michelle and I asked her if I could use it as a Chihuahua Story. The […]

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  • baby and Chihuahuafeatured

    Getting Your Chihuahua Ready For The New Baby

    If your Chihuahua is anything like most toy dogs, she or he probably thinks of themselves as your furry baby on four legs; and of course they are! It’s no […]

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  • Stacy DeVries‎featured

    Tongue Out Cuties

    I don’t know about you but I find it adorable and sometimes humorous to see cute little doggy tongues peeking out (and sometimes hanging out) of their mouths. Do you […]

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  • crazy chifeatured

    Chihuahua Aggression

    Chihuahuas have the unsavory reputation of being yappy, snappy little dogs. The breed as a whole did not create this behavioral cliché all on their own, but the much of […]

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  • portrait of a cute purebred  fatchihuahua in the river

    Weight Issues in your Chihuahua

    Chihuahuas are very popular dogs, but unfortunately what are also popular are obese Chihuahuas. Some people even think that obesity in these dogs is funny or cute and they poke […]

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  • amberfeatured

    Mother’s Day Gallery

    I thought it would be nice to have a Mother’s Day gallery this week in honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday. So feast your eyes on all these sweet […]

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  • group of pet in front of a white background

    How to Introduce a New Pet to Your Chihuahua

      For some Chihuahua owners, their family is complete with one delightful little dog, but for others, the addition of a brand new four-legged family member has the potential to […]

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  • Brush those teeth featured

    Grooming Your Chihuahua

    So the old adage goes: dogs are man’s best friend. And what better way to treat a best friend than to keep it well taken care of and healthy. It’s […]

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  • small chihuahua resting on the grass in the summer

    Fleas, Ticks and other Nasties

    Chihuahuas are smaller dogs, both in length and height. They are often more vulnerable to parasite invasions than larger dogs, but parasites can cause a lot of harm in a […]

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  • Chihuahua puppy posing

    Reverse Sneezing In Chihuahuas

    As dog owners, we often fear for the worst when we hear strange noises from our pets – and Chihuahua parents are no exception. If anything, we can tend to […]

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  • Awww, what a sweeti880

    A Chihuahua Owner’s Guide to Seizure Disorders

    As canine companions go, Chihuahuas are fantastic! They have sassy, super-size personalities packed into pint size bodies – it’s easy to see why this breed is popular with dog lovers […]

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