• Debbie Kerns1

    Debbie’s Chi Story of Khloe

    I got my Chi when I flew to Pennsylvania to get her from my daughter-in-law who ended up with her and her brother. She hated me at first sight, I […]

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  • Leisa Francis‎I1

    Three More Chi Babies Gone Over The Rainbow Bridge

    I’m sad to report 3 more beloved Chihuahuas have been laid to rest The first one is particularly heartbreaking because this lady lost her other Chi just a week ago. […]

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  • long hair and short hair Paula1 Baldocchi Renzetti

    Dynamic Duos

    Last week we featured White Chihuahuas.  This week we are showing the cutest dynamic duos. That is 2 Chihuahuas together. They can be litter mates or best friends or whatever. […]

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  • Piano Playing Chi

    Piano Playing Chi

    This little guy seems to enjoy playing the piano. Towards the end of the video, his playing actually sounds like a real song. Cute video!

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  • Two Legged Puppies

    Two Legged Puppies

    Don’t tell these 3 adorable Chihuahua puppies that they are disabled. Because they sure don’t let their disability slow them down. These babies are just so cute, I want to […]

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  • ranch

    A Chihuahua Ranch

    Okay, I totally want to live here or have a Chihuahua ranch of my own! For some reason that I don’t quite understand, I got a few tears in my […]

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  • The Love Hate Relationship Between a Great Dane and a Chihuahua

    The Love Hate Relationship Between a Great Dane and a Chihuahua

    These two are fun to watch. The Chi named Riley wants to sleep right next to Appa, the Great Dane but he can’t decide if he wants to groom him […]

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  • Tonya Taylor2

    Rest In Peace Little Molly

    Last night we lost another sweet Chihuahua. This is Molly. She passed away last night from Congestive Heart Failure. She was only 7 years old. Her mom Tonya Taylor and […]

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  • feat

    Three Little Loves Lost

    I have decided  to occasionally post about our beloved little Chihuahuas who are no longer with us when I hear about their passings. I just came across 3 little ones […]

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  • cute white dog

    White Chihuahuas

    Our Chihuahuas are so beautiful and come in so many amazing colors, that I decided to start sharing some of them with you. I’ll also share any details about the […]

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