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97 Responses to “Home”

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  1. sharon says:

    These r my two girls

  2. sharon says:

    How do I get them right side up?

    • kilosmom says:

      You have to pull it up in your photo viewer on your computer, click the arrows to turn it right side up and then save it.

  3. Cheryl Flory says:

    Hi , my name is Cheryl and this little girl is Cinnamon, AKA Minnie. We rescued her from a very bad place. She is now very loved and spoiled!!

    • Fredericka Renshaw says:

      oh my — she’s so beautiful — I am so happy that you have her— I rescued a 9 yr old 5 yrs ago – she was in a good place but had been tossed around at the foster Mom’s for being old — guess what she is 14 now and going strong– other than dental problems ( she came with ) she is going strong– plays ball still and loves to run and chase the ball !! amazing — she is blk & wht– yours I see has some brown — good luck and God Bless you with your furbaby– they are so much fun and so loyal – incredible –

    • Lynnette says:

      She’s a pretty girl.

  4. Ade Howard says:

    Hi there. This is my little 3yr old Coqui… He is
    totally high energy.

    • Sandy Cromer says:

      Beautiful Chi, I had a boy looks like your chi, when he passed a big chunk of my heart went with him.

  5. Tami Bednarz says:

    Momma there’s a spider, oh man I hate spiders

  6. Tami Bednarz says:

    Dear Lord! Please keep all the women and men safe over seas Amen!

  7. Tami Bednarz says:

    Saluting the troops

    • Rikki Renshaw says:

      still cute — how creative of you to do this — send it to the troops so they knew they are loved/

  8. Wende says:

    This is one of my babies, Kipling Flea Dogbody. He’s 3 years old and is very spoiled, but he loves his dogmommy.

  9. Christine Everett says:

    Hi my name is Christine this is my sweet little girl chloe sne will be 3 months old on march 18 I love her to moon and back

    • Fredericka Renshaw says:

      HI– I kno wshe’s a doll baby and has stolen your heart — good luck -ahw’a youe vwar 4 legged friend for yrs

  10. Christine Everett says:

    My name is Christine this is my baby girl chloe she will be 3 months old on the 18 of march I love her so much

  11. Fredericka Renshaw says:

    so pretty and smart too yes ??

  12. Rikki Renshaw says:

    not to confuse anyone — Fredericka is my legal name– my friends and family have called me Rikki since the day I was born — LOL — so it isn’t two ppl– just me and my chi — I love em all

  13. Lynnette says:

    This is Ginger…she says its not time to get up yet.

  14. Lynnette says:

    She is 5 years old and very spoiled.

  15. Lynnette says:


  16. Tina says:

    I would love to share photos of my girls, Tuja & Daisy Dew. We lost Tuja on July 6, 2012 & we had her for 17+ years after rescuing her. Daisy is also a rescue, she will be 9 on May 7th. Would really like yo share some photos with all of you and the fb site-I’m just a proud Chi Mommy!

  17. Tina says:

    Would love to show pics of my girls, here & fb site. We lost Tuja on July 6, 2012, she was a rescue chi & we had her for 17+ years. Daisy Dew will be 9 on May 7th & we rescued her when she was 6 months. Sharing pic of Tuja

  18. Rikki Renshaw says:

    these gals are all so cute — I hate yu lost the other precious girl at 17+ but it gives me inspiration as mine is 14 — I wondered how long she might could be with me– I only got her from foster care at 9 yrs old –so I love to hear they can last to 17 — thx for sharing

  19. bess moore says:

    Chloe Rose!

  20. bess moore says:


  21. Rosetta Sanchez says:

    This is my baby CHIKIZ….relaxing in the sun….lol

  22. Fredericka Renshaw says:

    What a beautiful Chi you have here– so happy for you — they are such a joy – so smart & affectionate– good luck and happy days to you both

  23. Donna says:

    This is a very sad day 4 me! My sweet litle Peaches passsed away alitle aftr 12 am! She was my best friend& she will deeply be missed! i fell n love wit u from the moment i saw u almost 11 years ago& will always hold u n my heart my sweet litle angel! RIP Peaches u r gone but not frm my heart & i will always love u!

    • kilosmom says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss Donna :(

    • Maria Ortiz says:

      I am so sorry to read about your loss, I know how it feels as a child and adult I lost several dogs…May your precious baby run around and play happily over Rainbow Bridge :)

  24. Rikki Renshaw says:

    Oh MY Donna — so sorry for your loss < I know it feels awful – and yes – Peaches WILL be always in your heart — across the Rainbow Bridge you will see her again — be good to yourself -

    • Henry Renteria says:

      So sorry for ur loss, my mixed chi of 10 yrs old just passed 9 days ago, stay strong & remember all the love they shared wit you.

  25. Maria Ortiz says:

    This is my oldest girl Eymber 5 days post op on a grade 4 patella surgery on both legs…she looks good…

  26. Maria Ortiz says:

    This is my 2 yr old just looking around in our home..this is Eymlee 2yrs old…

  27. Emma says:

    Introducing Princess
    My gorgeous best friend
    She is 1 and a rescue dog
    She has the best temperament out of any dog I’ve owned
    To me she’s not just a dog she’s my best friend

  28. Mindy says:

    My baby girl abby ❤️ she 2 years old. And she only plays when mommy go to sleep Lol

  29. Nicole says:

    My daughter and Sophie

  30. CHRISTINA says:

    This is Tink she is one year old from Arkansas.

  31. CHRISTINA says:

    This is Tink she is one year old from Arkansas. She is so sweet♥

  32. Maria says:

    My girls Easter Day just walking around…Eymber and Eymlee Rose

  33. Picasso jankovic says:

    Please consider my new rescue baby for chi of the hour. He is veautiful. A rescue. 3 years old. I love him so much. Thank you for considering him

  34. Tara says:

    Here is my chi named milky please make him chi oof the hour

  35. Jodi Fenlong says:

    Please consider my baby Beau as chi of the hour, he is a priceless little thing, he was apparently abused before we got him, he was only 5 mths when he came to me. He is such a sweet little boy

    • kilosmom says:

      Hi Jodi, Your chi is scheduled 5:00 PM EST on May 16th.

      Email me at cathy@ilovemychi if you can’t find it.

  36. Shanda says:

    Here is a pic of my 7 month old teacup Oakley ! !

  37. Mz. Eymber and Eymlee Rose says:

    Spring time fun round the house…

  38. Tina jones says:

    This is my tootsie she’s 7 yrs young. I have 5 chi’s and love each and every 1of them. Tootsie would love to be chi of the hour..

    • kilosmom says:

      They are both cutie pies Tina! I’ll schedule them for 11 PM and 12 AM on the 7th. Let me know if you dont see them.

  39. Tina jones says:

    Here’s a pic of my chi bently he is 5 yrs. he gets the funny looks. He was laying on my lap and all I did was say his name and this is the look I got.lol we would love to be chi of the hour. Who couldn’t love a face like that

  40. sherry. aripez says:


    • kilosmom says:

      I just replied to you on the other page but here it is again:
      You can post their photos on the wall by clicking the little camera icon in the comment box and uploading your photo. Or you can email your photos to me at cathy@ilovemychi.com. If you want them to be Chi of the hour, please state that and I will need an individual photo of each dog.

  41. Kathy Keane says:

    My chi had chi puppies one came out colored a silver or grey color. Some are calling it blue. Is this normal does anyone have pictures of their chi that has similar color.

  42. Asia says:

    Hi! Thanks for letting me be on,

  43. John S Chisum says:

    This is Gunner my Chihuahua. He is 1years old. I hope that he can be on the Chihuahua of the hour one day.

  44. John S Chisum says:

    This is my sister Chihuahua his name is Lobo. that means in English Wolf

    • kilosmom says:

      Gunnar and Lobo are good looking Chis John!
      Gunnar has been chosen as Chi of the Hour and will be featured on our Facebook page at 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time on June 16th.
      If you can’t find the post at that time(Facebook is not showing everything to everyone) let me know and I’ll send you the link.

  45. mark says:

    Dingo my little best buddy…

    • kilosmom says:

      He’s a cutie Mark! I saw your email too about Chi of the hour and I’ll email you back when I have him scheduled.

  46. janine says:

    Hi, I still enjoy getting your news letter, I lost my little chi 3 weeks ago now. Snoopy was my best mate, he was only 8 years old and had cushioning disease. I miss him so much

  47. Mz. Eymber and Eymlee Rose says:


  48. monce says:


  49. suzanne monty says:

    Hi Cathy,
    I love reading about every body’s fur baby’s and seeing there pics .But it makes me said that people post how there giving there fur babys away and how so many rescue fur baby’s, that have been dumped or abused.IT makes me said, it would be nice if those who post there baby’s are sick or need a new home would let us know how they got on.
    Thank You
    Kind Regards.
    Suzanne Monty.

  50. suzanne monty says:

    Hi Cathy,
    for got to let u know that face book would not let my message to you go through.I tried for a week .They kept sending it back to me.
    Do not no what the problem was.
    Thank you.
    Suzanne monty

    • kilosmom says:

      Suzanne were you trying to send a message through Private Messages? I close that when I get too many to handle. Then when I work through them and get down to zero, I open it back up again. Or were you trying to send an email?

  51. Denna says:

    Lupe is about 3 years old and 3.3 lbs with the heart of a 100 lb dig. Adopted her about 8 months ago from Canine Rescue in SC. We live in Woodstock GA. Lupe would love to be Chi of the hour .

    • kilosmom says:

      I have a backlog of photos to get up Denna so it will be about a month but I’ll send you an email when it’s up.

  52. Kay says:

    I have to move and can not tak 2 chi with me they are both very loving girls but in need of a very good and loving home. So everyone please help me find the girls a great home and it would be best if they stay together

  53. Karen McElroy says:

    Please consider my chi Toby for chi for an hour.
    I got Toby @ 5 weeks old. And he is my true loving
    Son. He can say mama, I love you, I love my mama, mommy and his gibber gabber is how his day was.
    he is truly my heart and I spoil him rotten.

  54. kilosmom says:

    I didn’t see a photo pf Toby Karen. It’s best if you email it to me at cathy@ilovemychi.com . I have about a month’s backlog.

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