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Weird Things Chihuahuas Do

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All of us who own chihuahua dogs know just how special they are. In many ways they seem so different from other dogs, it’s hard to think of them as dogs.

I know mine keep me totally entertained by their funny antics. Lucas will come over and start scratching my arm when he wants my attention and if I continue to ignore him, he head butts my arm until I pick him up.

Then he will lay his head on my shoulder like a baby.  This is more sweet than weird.

Lucy haas decided she is the official washer of her brothers’ ears. I know a lot of dogs do this but Lucy will pin her brothers down with her paws, sit on top of them and go at those ears until they are good and clean.

Sometimes she will continue and wash their whole face. Lucas and Ziggy actually seem to enjoy this daily ritual. But she continues to keep them pinned down until she’s done.

I asked other chihuahua owners what weird and funny things their chihuahuas do and here are some of the answers I got.


Bedtime Antics


  • Angela Labozzetta’s chihuahua Paco (who has passed) liked to sleep on her head. My Lucas does this too.
  • Sandy Petrie says   “Kali likes to dig my feet out from under my blanket. If they are tucked in tight she gets really upset. She grabs onto them and doesn’t stop until they are good and clean.  I’ve never had a dog do that.
    The other crazy thing is that she jumps off the cupboards while I am getting her food ready.  She doesn’t stop until I move toward the spot where I feed her.  She does several spins and makes a weird sound I’ve never heard from an animal before.  I put her bowl down and she looks at me with her toothy grin until I say “ok.”

2 photos one of a chihuahua asleep under covers the other standing on a plaid blanket

  • Kyla says her Bentley has taken it upon himself to make sure all the cats are off the bed when she comes to bed, It’s like he wants to make sure she has room to get in. Then he stands there, wagging his tail, all proud of himself while she gets in bed. Then cats are welcome to get back on the bed.

Bentley the chihuahua

  • Shannon Thomas says “My 10 year old chihuahua, Lilly, jumps up onto my bed. When I tell my fur-babies that it’s “time to go beddy-byes” she burrows in under my covers, turns herself around, and lays on her back with her head on my pillow. So  she gets herself all tucked-in! Every single night! It’s such a wonderful thing to climb into bed next to. She sends me to sleep smiling, for sure!”

Lilly the chihuahua tucked in bed


  • Deanna Alexander’s boys like to sleep head to head. How cute!

2 chihuahuas sleeping head to head

Being Vocal

  • Ethel says “When I watch TV and there is music background Mia stands up and howls until I hit mute button.” 
  • Maria Val Miñambres-Walker says “Every time we facetime with our grandsons, 3 and 2, our chi, Micki, gets jealous and starts howling, starts low and it keeps getting louder, it is funny.”
  • Vanessa Ann says Big Rocco Vincenzo cries like a baby when I ask him if he is my baby.

Big Rocco Vincenzo the chihuahua

  • Park Akela says “My chi Rose brings me toys and if i dont throw it she will cry. She also barks at me to put on an outfit and she likes to pick which one.

Rose the chihuahua

  • Katelyn Boudreau says “Believe it or not my dog Sunny who is of course a chichi makes a funny sound that resembles a dolphin noise LOL.”

Meal Time

  • Mary says “My chi comes to me right after she eats. She jumps up to my shoulder and I remind her to clean her teeth and she starts cleaning them by using her tongue. I am patting her back and I tell her to give me a burp. And sure enough she will give me a burp. Sometimes a loud one and sometimes more of a silent one. Then she gets down! We been doing this for a couple of years or more.”
  • Vicky Gongola Nelson says “Each feeding, Cheech’s bowl is in front of a chair, which is against a wall. When I put his food bowl down, he goes under the chair, around one of the legs, then around to his bowl to eat. He could walk right directly to the bowl from the front, nothing is in his way.”
  • William Guess says “He will only drink out of a very small plastic bowl we have, NOTHING else! He will NOT eat out of a bowl, only off the floor! He doesn’t like walking on tile floors and won’t walk on wood floors! At 9:00 he’s ready to pee, and go to bed, whether you are or not! He basically lives on the love seat, with his brother!”
  • Debbie St. Jock Levesque says “My chi, Fawny, attacks the spoon when I give her yogurt. She shows teeth and all while trying to eat the yogurt.” Wonder what’s that about?

Silly Antics

  • Sindie  says her Chi Izabella will show her butt on command.
  • Teresa Badgley says “We take her hamburger for walks.”  

chihuahua walking with toy hamburger in mouth

  • This one cracks me up. Andi Hidalgo Peterson says “Cocoa Bean and Fonzie battle it out to to get “the spot” in front of the vent all the time. Cocoa refused to move, and got a face full of dog butt.”

2 chihuahuas

  • Christina Jones says “Maggie Mae Moonshine sings when she hears songs of praise or a female singing on the telly.”

Maggie Mae Moonshine the chihuahua

  • Helen Rivest has a 10 year old chihuahua named Febe. You can see in the photo below what she likes to do.

Febe the chihuahua with pacifier in her mouth

  • Dawn Sones says her Charlie doesn’t like it when she talks.   “He will lean on my face to cover my mouth .  And when I hold him, he looks up and wants me to kiss his neck.”

Charlie the chihuahua

  • Kimberly Kings says “My little Theo get so excited when his “daddy” gets home from work that he grabs a toy and combat crawls across the carpet to him to play. When he’s had enough he puts his toy back in his bed. “
  • Suzanne Duncan says “My chi, Rory gets mad at me for taking him to the vet. When he gets home he runs upstairs and goes to bed.”
  • Denise Newby says “This is Fiona. She steals pacifiers for a living.”
Fiona the chihuahua with a pacifier in her mouth

Fiona the chihuahua

  • Brenda Elolf says “My little Beau sits square on his butt, and when I tell him to look at someone and say “I’m Batman!” he turns his face to whoever and does his Batman pose with a huge grin.”
Beau the chihuahua

Beau being “Batman”

  • Allison Skraba says “My chihuahua Gus always turns in circles but, only to the right. He is just like Derek Zoolander and cannot turn left.”
Gus the chihuahua


  • Dawn Pyatt says her Chihuahua Bambi likes to sniff her eyeballs. Too funny!
  • Allison Skraba says “My chihuahua Gus always turns in circles but, only to the right. He is just like Derek Zoolander and cannot turn left.”
  • Allison Skraba says “My chihuahua Gus always turns in circles but, only to the right. He is just like Derek Zoolander and cannot turn left.”
  • Dawn Pyatt says her Chihuahua Bambi likes to sniff her eyeballs. Too funny!
  • Loren Vinson says “Mine likes to put his nose up my nose and likes to howl like a coyote.”
  • Brenda Marlowe says “My Tater tot will do a tap dance when ready to go out side.” 

Tater Tot the chihuahua

  • Debbie Cameron says “Baby Love likes the movie  “Secret Life Of Pets Part One”.

chihuahua watching a movie

Showing Love

  • Leslie Nelle-Urinyi says “Suzie Q always sits on my shoulder.” Like a parrot. LOL.

Suzie Q sitting on a shoulder

  • Olivia Bănică  says “My Chi loves his brother from another mother. It’s a baby bunny and he always treats him like a puppy. The bunny doesn’t mind; he even jumps on his back. They are the weirdest couple ever.” How cute is this picture below.

chihuahua and bunny

  • Sheryl Myers says “My girl chi want a kiss on the cheek then turns her head for another kiss on the other side repetitively we call her the French kisser.”
  • Hailee Brady says her chi lays between me and her boyfriend. “She wants all the cuddles.”
  • chihuahua laying on her back
  • Kelly Tice says her Gidget gives her hugs by wrapping herself around Kelly’s neck.

Gidget the chihuahua

  • Julie A Rogers says “My baby will put her forehead against you when she wants love.” How sweet!

So what weird thing does your chihuahua do? Leave a comment and tell us!


Bliza and Pituti

Friday 9th of September 2022

XD When my chi(Pituti) wants play with the pink ball, she got the ball and choose who will play with her. It can be my mom, after me and after my dad XD she is fair because she normally dont repeat. She’s so lovely


Friday 9th of September 2022

She's a girl who knows what she wants!


Friday 5th of August 2022

My ChiWeenie makes me laugh when he jumps back after flipping his bowl of food to eat it off the carpet. He follows everywhere I go and waits for me. If he’s sleeping and I look at him he opens his eyes and if asleep and I try to quietly get up without waking him my slightest movement he gets up and follow me. My Nike at six months wants to eat everything I eat, he crunch on ice and ask for more. He looks so happy crunching on ice cubes. He tells me when his water bowl is low, he direct me to the cases of water or my water bottle. Nike is very smart. When I don’t want to share or it’s something that will harm him like chocolate chips cookies I don’t let him Hoover. So he sits away from me until he noticed that I’ve finished eating.


Friday 5th of August 2022

He sounds pretty smart!


Friday 5th of August 2022

You’ve explained so many things my ChiWeenie does. He likes sitting on the back of sofa resting on my shoulder in a superior position. Licks me on my head and face. He talks to me in a high pitched tone. He watches the microwave when I put food in until it beeps and he’ll come tell me. My ChiWeenie Nike sit on his bottom in the Superman pose with his chest out when waiting on me to finish cooking or waiting outside the bathroom for me. He licks my face before bed and when he wakes me in the morning. He sits close next to me on the sofa and bed. He listens when you speak to him. If you don’t want him to make you play with him, don’t stare at him. He’ll bring the toys to you that he wants you to hold or throw. He’s very good at making me laugh, he’ll quietly sit next to me and licks me softly to get my attention.


Friday 5th of August 2022

He sounds like an adorable little character Cora!

Michael and Alena

Thursday 21st of July 2022

Our 8-year-old Chihuahua Yoda when we take him outside to do his business he does 13 circles clockwise before he urinates and 13 circles counterclockwise when he defecates


Thursday 21st of July 2022

That is too funny!

Mandy Strain

Saturday 28th of May 2022

My puppy Gizzy cries like a little baby until her sister lays with her at nap times and in the end her sister Bailey gives in. Gizzy is the toy stealer but Baileys a master manipulator! Bailey sees Gizzy playing with a toy she wants so she takes another toy to Gizzy, waits for her to drop it then steals the toy she wants, then alls right with the world! Lol


Saturday 28th of May 2022

How sweet!