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12 Facts About Deer Head Chihuahuas

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Is the adorable deer head chihuahua the right dog for your family? This toy breed resembles a deer and is known for its big personality. Learn about the characteristics, pros and cons, and how to care for this spunky dog!

group of deer head chihuahuas

What is a Deer Head Chihuahua?

The deer head chihuahua has a face and head shape that resembles a young deer. Other characteristics that set this type of chihuahua apart from the others include a longer muzzle, larger ears, and a sloping forehead.

They are often referred to as a large dog in a small dog’s body. They are confident, sassy, feisty, and full of energy. Deer chihuahuas have an attitude and big personalities.

The deer head chihuahua is classified as a toy breed, but the rest of the chihuahua’s history is widely unknown. Some have said that the Aztecs owned this dog breed back in the 1500s.

The chihuahua is widely known as a companion dog as well. However, they didn’t gain any recognition from the AKC until the 1900s. When this happened, the chihuahua was split into two categories: the Deer Head Chihuahua and the Apple Head Chihuahua.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some facts about the chihuahua that you should be aware of in case you are looking to add a small deer chihuahua to your family.

side view deer head fawn chihuahua

What Does a Deer Head Chihuahua Look Like?

1. When you look at a Deer Head Chihuahua vs Applehead, Deer Heads are usually bigger than Apple Heads. The standard for the chihuahua breed is 6 pounds and under. Deer heads can get up to 12 pounds.

2. Deer head chihuahuas have a longer muzzle. Their muzzles slope more and are longer than Apple Heads.

3. Deer chihuahuas can have a round head, but it is not as round and bulbous as Apple Heads. Although they do look more roundish than other dog breeds.

4. Deer Heads’ eyes aren’t usually as large, round, and bulbous as Apple Heads. Again though, they often look more round than other dog breeds.

5. Deer chihuahuas (or reindeer chihuahuas!) have longer legs. I think the longer legs make them look more like tiny deer, don’t you? They are sometimes referred to as reindeer chihuahuas. Maybe they should be called the deer-legged chihuahua.

6. The deer head chihuahua can come in any color but are often fawn-colored. Along with fawn, other colors include chocolate, black, red, cream, white, silver, and blue.

7. The deer chihuahuas come in many patterns too. Patterns for this little dog include spotted, tri-colored, marked, piebald or splashed, merle, and brindle.

8. They can have long hair or short hair. Just like Apple Heads, these tiny canines can be long-haired or short-haired. In rare cases, they can be wiry-haired too. The long-haired deer head chihuahuas require more maintenance for their coats.

deer head long hair chihuahua


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More Facts About Deer Chihuahuas

9. Deer heads are not recognized as the breed standard by the AKC. It doesn’t mean they aren’t purebred chihuahuas. It just means they can’t compete in dog shows.

10. Deer chihuahuas have fewer health problems than Apple Heads. This is probably due to the fact that they tend to be a little larger. Generally, the smaller the dog, the more health problems it is prone to.

11. The parents of a Deer Head Chihuahua can be Apple Head Chihuahuas. One or both parents can be Apple Heads and still produce Deer Head chihuahua puppies. It often takes weeks or months to know if the chihuahua puppy will be Deer Head or Apple Head.

12. They tend to be less high-strung and easier going than Apple Head chihuahuas. Of course, there are exceptions to this.

deer head fawn chihuahua

Pros and Cons of a Deer Head Chihuahua

Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of owning this toy breed.


  • They are the perfect size for apartments or small houses.
  • They make good watchdogs.
  • Requires minimal maintenance and are easy to care for.
  • They have a longer average lifespan.
  • Can travel very easily when required.


  • They are not tolerant of the cold.
  • Deer Heads are fragile and need to be handled with care.
  • They usually bond with one person in the family.
  • Can be hard to housetrain.
  • They are loud and love to bark to make their presence known.

Chihuahuas are the world’s smallest dog breed, so special care and attention need to be taken when owning these very tiny dogs.

deer head fawn chihuahua on green dog bed

Fun Facts About Chihuahuas

  • Did you know that the chihuahua is the unofficial state dog of Arizona? People have reported that wild packs of chihuahuas have been spotted roaming throughout the state.
  • Chihuahuas also used to be gifted in bouquets of flowers. How bizarre is that?
  • Some used to believe that chihuahuas also had the power to cure asthma!
2 deer head chihuahuas playing in fall leaves outside

Caring For Your Deer Head Chihuahua

If you have a short-haired deer head chihuahua, then they will not shed often. This means they will not require weekly brushing. However, if you have a long-haired deer head chihuahua, then you will need to brush their coat weekly to prevent matting and tangles.

Both varieties should also get a bath every three weeks as needed. Brushing their teeth daily is also necessary since the deer head chihuahua is prone to dental issues that could seriously affect their overall health.

If you have a deer head chihuahua puppy, you want to take the same care as you would an adult chihuahua pup. The chihuahua puppy will have what is known as a molera or soft spot. It is very similar to the fontanelle we see with babies. Translated, molera simply means “hole in the head.”

fawn deerhead chihuahua chewing on dog treat

More FAQs About Deer Head Chihuahuas

Are deer head chihuahuas rare?

No, they are quite common. And 2 apple head chihuahuas can produce deer head puppies.

How much is a deer head chihuahua worth?

Since deer head chihuahuas do not conform to the standard for the breed (the standard is apple head), they can’t be shown in dog shows and so their cost may be cheaper than apple head chihuahuas.

Expect to pay between $300 and $1200.

Are deer head chihuahuas mean?

Well like any dog, they can be but for the most part, they are loyal, sweet dogs.

Many chihuahua owners claim that their deer head chihuahuas are less neurotic and more calm and friendly than apple head chihuahuas.

Are deer head chihuahuas better?

It depends on your point of view. If you are wanting to show or breed your chihuahua, then no, deer head chihuahuas are not better since they don’t conform to the breed standard.

However, as for the deer head chihuahua personality, many believe they are friendlier than apple head chihuahuas. So if you are looking for a pet chihuahua, deer heads may be better for you.

Are deer head chihuahuas purebred?

Yes, though they may not look like the “ideal” chihuahua, they are still purebred if both parents are purebred.

Are deer head chihuahuas loyal?

The chihuahua breed is known for its loyalty and deer head chihuahuas are no exception.

How big will my deer head chihuahua get?

Deer-head chihuahuas tend to be larger than apple head chihuahuas but they can still be small. Deer head chihuahuas usually run between 3 and 12 pounds.

Do deer head chihuahuas shed?

Yes, deer head chihuahuas do shed. But they usually aren’t heavy shedders like some dog breeds are.

A Spunky, Loving Dog

You can never underestimate a deer head chihuahua. Despite their size, this small breed is spunky and has personalities far larger than their size.

Deer heads are attentive, loving, and playful animals.

With proper love and care, deer head chihuahuas make perfect companions and are sure to be a great addition to any home.

So, what kind of chi do you have? If you are a fellow chihuahua owner, leave a comment. We always love chihuahua stories, too! We would love to see and hear all about your chi baby.

Chihuahua on blanket

Corky Pickerill

Thursday 29th of February 2024

I have a deer head chihuahua.hes feisty and sassy like you say.I want to know how to stop him from biting me.He is playing,but he bites too hard.what do I do to get him trained to stop.

Cathy Bendzunas

Thursday 29th of February 2024

When he bites, say in a strong (but not yelling) voice "Ouch, that hurts!" And then immediately separate yourself from him. Walk away and ignore him for 5 minutes or so. It may take a few weeks but if you do this consistently, it usually works.


Thursday 15th of February 2024

This article should also include IVDD and hip dysplasia. Apparently it is very common in small breads and our boy Kruger has both. I am able to help him with Turmeric and fish oils in his food he is not medicated unless he has a bad flare! We love our deer head chihuahua and he definitely picked our middle son as his person. But he has a special relationship with everyone in the family! Thank you for this article I learned allot! God bless!🥰

Cathy Bendzunas

Thursday 15th of February 2024

Thanks for the info Stacey and I hope you can continue to keep Kruger's health issues under control.


Tuesday 6th of February 2024

Last year my girlfriend & I fell in love with what turned out to be a fawn colored deer head chihuahua. At the time all we knew is she was a chihuahua. When she sprouted long legs; we had to do some research. It bums me out that we could never show her; but, we're so madly in love with this pup that it doesn't even matter!

Cathy Bendzunas

Wednesday 7th of February 2024

She's still all Chihuahua and she sounds like a special little girl!


Friday 26th of January 2024

One evening we didn’t see Roxy (our dear head chi) and couldn’t find her. We drove the car around the complex and searched everywhere. I walked into my sister’s room and there she was on the bed eating my sister’s chicken dinner. She had hidden, ignored all our calls including treat, let’s go for a walk, etc., then drug out the dinner and was happily chomping.

Cathy Bendzunas

Saturday 27th of January 2024

LOL, I guess walks and a treat couldn't compare to a chicken dinner.


Wednesday 24th of January 2024

Thank you for all of the information on this page, i recently bought a chi outside of a walmart, the vendor told me she was a long hair chi but so many folks told me she wasn’t a chi at all, so my concerns were: Will she grow much bigger? Will she need a different kind of care? But i do notice her temperament is so similar to the one describing deer heads, and she is very sharp and loyal. I wish i could get an expert opinion, but this page feels as close as I can get:) thanks again, also i would love to know about local meetups for little ones like my dog, she is our only and i know she could use a friend:) -Erika

Cathy Bendzunas

Wednesday 24th of January 2024

If you are really curious, you can get a dog DNA kit to see what she is. I had that done with Lucas. She probably is a chihuahua but maybe mixed with something else. You can email me a photo of her and I'll see if I can tell what she is. The email is I have looked for local meetups for myself but haven't been able to find any. Some of the dog parks in my area have a section for small dogs and sometimes I will take my dogs to one of those so they can play with other small dogs. You can also ask on in your area and see if anyone knows of one. And check too. There is also local chapters of the Chihuahua Club of America in the US but I couldn't find one near me. I wonder though, if they require for you to have AKC papers on your dog. Anyway if you want to check out and see if there any any near you, here is the link: