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20 Chihuahua Memes That will Make You Laugh

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white chihuahua dog

We have had so many cute, funny Chihuahua memes (photos with sayings) on our facebook page, I thought it would be fun to get some of them together and put them in a post.

So if you need a chuckle today, read one :

funny Chihuahuas

3am song

A cup of chi please!


Are you a dog too

As the Chihuahua Turns


ball behind back

barked at mailman


before you go

belly rubs commence


blame the cat

blankets accepted

Bobble head

body guard

born to be wild


Can I help you

Hope you enjoyed these. We have another funny chihuahua meme post if you are interested. And I’d love to do some more posts like this so if you like it and want more, let me know in the comments!
Cathy signature Chi

A Day in an English Park from a Chi's Point of View
A Day in an English Park from a Chi's Point of View
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Blind Chihuahua Loves to Play

Robbie Brewington

Friday 15th of January 2021

Got my first chi a couple of months ago and now I can't imagine how I survived without one!! Thanks for posting these.....they describe Zoe perfectly!!


Friday 15th of January 2021

You're welcome Robbie!

my mom

Monday 30th of November 2020



Tuesday 1st of December 2020

Glad you liked them!

Sarah Ann Higgins

Saturday 21st of November 2020

I need this!!! Thank you Cathy!!! I have a Pinterest board called “Being a a ChiWeenie mom” and I have saved SO many funny and sweet memes about Chi’s and Doxies!! It is public if anyone wants to look!


Wednesday 25th of November 2020

I'm glad you liked it Sarah Ann!

Cheryl Clarke

Thursday 12th of November 2020

Love all of these too hard to pick just one they all hit home I have one chi I adopted after my other one passed they are the best especially for an older person❤️🐕❤️😍


Thursday 12th of November 2020

Glad you enjoyed them Cheryl! Yeah, chis are the perfect dog for seniors.

Kim claar

Saturday 5th of September 2020

Love the site.i have a 5 month old chihuahua her name is willow. She is my baby girl.huge part of my she should.


Saturday 5th of September 2020

So glad you like it Kim! Willow is a pretty name for a chi.